Finally got around to installing and on the , to make sure that at least the entire discs could be read without issues.
Had them lying around for several months now, after I picked them up / from during a 4 for 200 NOK sale. Haven't really gotten around to it till now, also because the xbox360 had some issues with repeatedly turning itself on and off on its own during the summer months. Haven't had an unexpected shutdown yet at least.

«We kindly ask you to understand we cannot provide any information other than the one we published.»

In other words, we can't confirm you are actually driving against , rather than the real people whose usernames we use for them in the rankings. ;)

I don't mind driving against bots, but I wish they were open about it…

Did a bunch of trades and got some , but perhaps more importantly, I made space for 102 more again for tomorrow's . :)
Should be enough to do a lot of 'berry-glitch' quick-catches before I have to resort to trashing the low CP/IV ones in bulk.

Also managed to max out my trade distance badge. :) Getting Australian long-distance eggs really helps. ;)

@kelbot do you already have any of these OG devices such as the 's?

Looks like I need to order new button cell batteries though, as it looks like the ones I ordered several years ago have drained themselves... I can barely make out the graphics on this one. :(

Anyone know if there's a / version of something like / . A bit of a mix between a and a where you use text commands to not just traverse an open world, but also to mine resources and craft tools and other objects?

(a clone for the ) at an MSX fair/user-meeting in back in .
This game uses a network created by connecting the sound extension cartridges of each with cables, for a network of up to a theoretical maximum of (afaik) 16 computers. Weren't as many at this event though.

Oh, and if you're involved in , please don't have your characters break the fourth wall by having them explain which buttons to push. Reading one of the characters say "press the b button to attack", in-universe to another character, really ruins the immersion imho.
I'd much rather see that explained in an overlay window, than as part of the character dialogues. Or, you know, in the actual manual?

Seeing @kelbot's posts in which he is looking forward to getting his , made me want to pick up my own again as well. :)
It looks like it has held its charge well.

Mine is running (iirc) off of an 2i flashcart, so I can play games. Any for homebrew games?

Okay, I promise I won't complain anymore about whatever I hatch for the remainder of this event 😮

A (100%) hatched from a 7km egg during the second(?) day of the Global Bonuses event in !

Just finished watching the first episode of 's of :
It's... interesting. Not sure I'll be able to watch all of it, but so far the story has me intrigued.

Anyway, finally done for the day. Enjoyed a long, much-needed shower, and now I'm stretched out on the sofa with a () and a glass of water within reach. I'm rather tired, but since @Siiw has no work tomorrow, it's one of the few moments I can actually play a game undisturbed, so I think I'll finally give on the a try.

Gonna be the first I've actually played myself, so I hope I'll like it. ;p

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