Incoming Transmission...
[Big Boss] SNAKE!
[Solid Snake] Yes?
[Big Boss] Get your arse over to .com because is now available for over at
[Snake] Please tell me it is not that crappy version, right?
[Big Boss] Nope! It's the original, the one released for good ol' by !

ACNH, toilet humour 

I'm watching a by of , and one of the residents, Klaus, keeps sitting on the toilet to read because that's the only thing in his house that counts as a chair.

ugh, the has a tendency to lock up when using the app, especially when I press the X button on it or try to access the timeline.
No other recourse than to press the power button and wait for it to shut down, and do a disk check upon reboot.

Apparently some Chinese products ship with very weird names for their , probably to dodge copyright infringement bots?

For instance, for the is "Alloy equipment Ghost Tower" and 2 for the / is named "Super Horsepower Euro 2":

From 's video about the X2:

but that'll be for another day, as my mind is kinda fried right now.
Time for a couple of rounds of while listening to 's album. :)

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on the is great, but I already know that I'm never going to try to it.
Not just because I'm too much a addict, but more because the game is buggy as hell...
I've had 2 complete lock-ups already, and judging by comments online that isn't uncommon unfortunately.

And I seriously doubt they'll ever patch this old version of ...

Managed to pick up a sealed copy of for the for 20 NOK (about 2 bucks) from the bargain bin.
As per my typical play-style, I've already been way more than I should... xD

Premium Edition is currently as in on the store!

"The Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition includes the complete GTAV story, Grand Theft Auto Online and all existing gameplay upgrades and content. You’ll also get the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, the fastest way to jumpstart your criminal empire in GTA Online."

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Another for my collection in !
This time a I traded.
Will keep it un-evolved since I am still hoping for a with a legacy-move .

Fear of Missing Out 

While I like playing , it can be such a big source of i.e. , especially with the current increased number of events...

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