I really wish implemented a Collections feature similar to what had.

(And of course that everyone actually used it to categorise their posts into the appropriate collections/categories.)

Posting to 'public' or collections on Google+ no longer seems possible, even for G Suite users. While users have remained to be able to set their post visibility on to public, as well as post to Collections, post the consumer this no longer seems to be an option anymore either. currently seems restricted to domain-only and (public/private) Community posts (though public Communities can also no longer be created) - 1/2

Oh how useful... the JSON files seem to contain references to video-downloads.googleusercont files that give a HTTP 400 error, possibly because those URLs tend to expire in a short period?

@jbond have you also noticed that a lot of the .localFilePath items for .album .media[] items in Google+ Stream/Posts seem to be pointing to files that are not actually there?

A quick note for archive users:

.localFilePath refers to files in "../Photos/Profile photos" and "../Photos/Scrapbook photos", however these paths are incorrect. Instead, these should refer to "../Photos/Miscellaneous Photos/(Profile|Scrapbook) photos".

Time for a bit more coding on , and archiving of personal content from the GoogleUserContent servers before it's inevitably deleted too.

From back when Google still had some sense of humour, and used marketing campaigns such as on , featuring

While I did get him to say Hoffsome, I never got him to one of my photos. :(

post-blast Hiroshima photos, Google Plus 

So... by popular request Google added the ability to export posts made to public Google+ Communities you are a moderator or owner of.

However, apparently they decided that Comments should not be included in this archive.

Because, you know, interaction in a community is not important/relevant? πŸ€” πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Had a refreshing after having a day that had been kinda eating up my spoons.
Just sat down behind my laptop with a cup of tea after downing a mug of cultured milk with blackberry sirup. should be asleep for the night, so let's see if I can get some coding done. :)

Even though the APIs are no more, there are still some things I want to add to tools.

It's a bit sad to realise though that the things I write now, won't be useful anymore in a few weeks.

Right, I've been coding on and querying the various / endpoints, all through the afternoon, evening, night and morning, I think I deserve some sleep ...

Is it just me, or has already closed off the APIs?
I'm getting 204 No Content results for all Activity#get and Comment#get requests, and empty "items: []" list results for Activity#list and Comment#list queries.

Or is it just me, and have I been shadowbanned?

You can try via the API Explorer: developers.google.com/+/web/ap"userId"%3A"me"%2C"collection"%3A"public"%7D

Interestingly btw, the (Web and REST) APIs are already randomly returning HTTP 204 and 404 responses, even for valid requests, which forced me to implement automatic and manual retries of API queries.

Even if no one else will end up using these scripts, I do feel like I've learnt quite a bit about and collected a nice set of functions.

update for owners who had Comments widget enabled for their blog:
github.com/FiXato/Plexodus-Too has had some big updates in the past week, specifically the github.com/FiXato/Plexodus-Too section.

bin/export_blogger_comments.sh can be used to archive all Comments for your Blogger blog.

Note, most of these tools can also be used if you use Google+ Comments for Sites.

The more I use , the more I wish it had a Collections feature similar to .

I.e., people could follow all of my posts, but for instance opt-out of my Star Trek, or Music toots, without having to resort to hashtag- or keyword-exclusion filters.

Alternatively, people who would only be interested in my Development toots, could subscribe just to a Dev Collection instead.

I guess I should open a issue on Github?

Google+ Exodus Collection
If you want to follow my posts about the shutdown of Google+, my ongoing development of the set of export / migration utilities, and other news related to the Google+ Exodus, feel free to follow my G+ Exodus collection on Google Plus (till that ship goes under):

Do you have a Blogger blog that uses Google+ Comments rather than the native Blogger comments?
Then you have only about 2 days left to archive your comments before Blogger removes them from all Blogger blogs, and they are not included in your Google Data Takeout: plus.google.com/11206465296658

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