I definitely should give a try I guess, as that has been on my radar since the demise of .
I just wish was already a thing on , so moving between instances wouldn't mean potentially losing out on previous content. Though I guess if I run my own instance, I could theoretically import my data before federating?
supports , but last time I tried that out I was unimpressed by the UI and mobile clients...

It all costs time tho

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After playing around with @krita and and exploring the various brushes I installed yesterday, I ended up with this that I'm quite satisfied with.
It's perhaps a bit more than the previous one, but it reminds me a bit of the someone I followed on used to make.
So far I quite like ; it brings back some of the fun I used to have in high-school, playing with , perhaps mixed with some .

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Diaspora*, USPol, COVID (-) 

I took a look at my * stream again... Had to switch tabs because it was filled with and -related posts, and no way to easily filter, or have .

It might be closer to what was, but the lack of personal mental sanity barriers does not make it a fun to be on in times like these.

Welcome to

A taken recently during a trip to , , here in Norway. A house painted with the typical Norwegian red paint can be seen in the background: mastodon.social/media/2CwhpxX5

If you want to learn a bit more about why the so often is red, you might like this article former chief architect once wrote about that: web.archive.org/web/2018011621

for will shutdown on July 6th, 2020: techcrunch.com/2020/06/05/and-

While the for consumers was more than a year ago already, in April of 2019, it was still kept around to die a slow and silent death for users.

While I've seen a couple of hardcore users in the odd Communities that were forcefully set to 'private' a few weeks after the consumer shutdown, to me it had lost its appeal.

In typical fashion, will replace it.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll find some time to finish updating contact.fixato.org, as that still had/has a copy/paste from one of my SignalFlare posts from the shutdown/migration period.

I did a bit of cleanup already on it, but it got a bit too late, so I had to call it quits for tonight.

I originally wanted to try out for migrating , but I'm more familiar with , and I just want to get it done asap.

Feels good to make _some_ progress…

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I had to go to to find a recipe for and I remember posting there years ago as a note.
Fortunately it included a link to a post where I'd also posted the same recipe, and since I've 'd just about all my posts through the 's , it meant I could share web.archive.org/web/2019031001 rather than a disgusting Facebook link :D

(Of course, ideally I'd already posted it to my own instead… next week maybe?)

since the earlier referenced link no longer is available, you can read my full post about the addition of old computer glyphs to , on the 's instead: web.archive.org/web/2019020619

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The signal to noise ratio of my timeline is getting worse, and I'm starting to feel the effects of information overload... I think I'll have to start unfollowing a couple people, or at the very least stop showing boosts for a bunch of the accounts I follow...

I still feel that a lot of this could be avoided if there was a system similar to what had; following or unfollowing just certain topics of specific people.

I really wish implemented a Collections feature similar to what had.

(And of course that everyone actually used it to categorise their posts into the appropriate collections/categories.)

Posting to 'public' or collections on Google+ no longer seems possible, even for G Suite users. While users have remained to be able to set their post visibility on to public, as well as post to Collections, post the consumer this no longer seems to be an option anymore either. currently seems restricted to domain-only and (public/private) Community posts (though public Communities can also no longer be created) - 1/2

Oh how useful... the JSON files seem to contain references to video-downloads.googleusercont files that give a HTTP 400 error, possibly because those URLs tend to expire in a short period?

@jbond have you also noticed that a lot of the .localFilePath items for .album .media[] items in Google+ Stream/Posts seem to be pointing to files that are not actually there?

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A quick note for archive users:

.localFilePath refers to files in "../Photos/Profile photos" and "../Photos/Scrapbook photos", however these paths are incorrect. Instead, these should refer to "../Photos/Miscellaneous Photos/(Profile|Scrapbook) photos".

Time for a bit more coding on , and archiving of personal content from the GoogleUserContent servers before it's inevitably deleted too.

From back when Google still had some sense of humour, and used marketing campaigns such as on , featuring

While I did get him to say Hoffsome, I never got him to one of my photos. :(

post-blast Hiroshima photos, Google Plus 

*Google+ Ghosttown: Hauntingly like Hiroshima*
Walking the wasteland that is the 's , is hauntingly like walking through post-blast : thesun.co.uk/archives/news/155

So... by popular request Google added the ability to export posts made to public Google+ Communities you are a moderator or owner of.

However, apparently they decided that Comments should not be included in this archive.

Because, you know, interaction in a community is not important/relevant? 🤔 🤷‍♂️

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