Had some personal thing come up, so I think I missed the demos and the "Japanese Show and Tell" block on the stream, but I am watching the section about the now :)

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Tuned into the stream at, mostly as background ambience.
Looking forward to the Show and Tell block at 23:00 CET tonight, as I'm told by @Truck that there might be during it. :)
See demosplash.org/schedule for the full schedule in your local time.

mirror courtesy of at twitch.tv/scenesatlive

Managed to add (aka .jp) support to my little HTML+JS playlist tool: github.com/FiXato/Streaming-Me

So, now I can have , and NicoVideo.jp videos/songs in a single playlist for easy playback. :)

Current example contains primarily or MSX-inspired : fixato.org/music/player/msx-re

Code of the script to scrape links from a topic on msx.org is especially dirty because I copy/pasted it with minor changes from my project...

That's pretty cool: tune on a work-in-progress music supporting 's soundchip, and the builtin aka , as well as the : youtube.com/watch?v=j2bHDKXdXW

It has some pretty high specs though, requiring the latest revision in the line of MSX standards, a machine, as well as the VDP (for instance in the form of a or video expansion cartridge).

So, if you don't mind making your ears bleed slightly, you can watch an absolute beginner like me play for about a minute, using the PSR-295, connected via MIDI over USB to the 's -In port of an emulated /128 , with 's for converting those inputs into audio produced by the for some rather harsh because I suck at configuring that programme. ;)

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Currently watching "A Yamaha 8-bit Music Computer - Testing out the CX5M" by
- :

They give a brief but decent overview of the history of the standard at least. :)
Will be interesting to hear what they have to share about the machine. :)

is currently streaming over on at twitch.tv/greyfoxnl

So if you want to listen to some , / music tracked in , and (perhaps later some / ?), hop on. :)

And speaking of cartridges from the / , here's a Korean release of 's (though this release says it's by ), currently up for sale by a fellow friend: ebay.nl/itm/274509640704

I just absolutely love these by amateur / developers ( and Martijn aka ) for the .

During my move to I unfortunately got rid of the modified boxes they were wrapped around, but these generators will never get sold anyway...


Seeing a big black and white striped with something that looked like pawns in the top left corner, made me want to design my own with various stylised icons of things that mean something to me.

I wonder if I can draw a stylised with monitor and keyboard that's simple enough yet still looks like one...

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