Hah, that's neat!
made an client for the :

It's even compatible with the very first version of MSX, !
(Of course you do need an HTTP capable network cartridge such as for it though.)

Discussion topic at :

Okay, after swapping out the select options for a list of list-group-item links, and using some more goodness, I think fixato.org/music/player/msx-re works a lot better on mobile as well now. :D

Not sure though why I can't get it to work in on even when I have set it to allow javascript and other remote content... Looks like that is completely ignoring those settings now?

So, I made a thing.
In a forum topic about arrangements on the net, people had been collecting links to various songs; mostly on and .
I wanted to listen to them without having to switch between those sites, so I created fixato.org/music/player/msx-re which tosses them all in a playlist, and switches between SC's and YT's embed clients when appropriate.
It can auto-advance, so I can now put this playlist on in the background and listen to those lovely !

An interesting introduction to the platform that covers the , , and : youtube.com/watch?v=AFRf87SqWr
It's refreshing to see one of these videos covering this platform for which I have quite some , and not just focus on the crappy ports and games without smooth scrolling, and instead highlights the high quality releases, excellent , hardware extensions and even patches that add to existing .

re-recording an video in rather than having dump the pixels directly to a video file.
I need the post-processing that the does, because drawn pixel graphics just look horrible without the and other like filters.

Might need to redo the video completely anyway, as for some reason this isn't an accurate reverse replay. I suspect the disk interaction caused my clicks to go out of sync, as a file-delete wasn't in my original interactions...

From comes the new / "Angelic Warrior DEVA":

System: MSX2/2+/turbo R
Memory: 128 Kb minimum
Music: MSX Music and/or MSX Audio
Format: 2048Kb MegaROM with S-Ram

This game is definitely shaping up to be a lovely and inspired !

For lemme share this & : Unleashed

According to 's video description:
«This is dvik&joyrex first MSX1 production and revolutionised the MSX with effects such as 105 color images, border scrollers and copper bars, all unseen on the MSX1 demo scene. Recorded in

1200 NOK for en ?
Tror æ har sett den til mye mindre når æ bodde i Nederland enda...

Kanskje jeg må prøve å selge en av mine til slike priser. 😂

This is a brilliant, live-performed, by : youtube.com/watch?v=R_xj4fZPm5

A wonderful performance by the , accompanied by funny brief scenes acting out of the .

Which Konami classics for / and do you recognise?

Wrote a script for the which should help me automate the recording of videos.

When I create a video, I usually just play the game, use the reverse feature to rewind mistakes as I go (more versatile than savestates), go back to frame 0, start the recording, disable the speed throttle, and then do something else while it records, and hopefully remember to stop it when the replay ends.

I usually forget...

I grew up with an , and so the brings inferior graphics to mind, probably based on the lazy ports I've played.
However, this new machine sure looks slick: youtube.com/watch?v=ckYN_TwbGi

It's beautifully designed and made, expandable, and comes with a metric tonnes of built-in hardware support and games.

I hope the MSX will some day get such a neat, officially supported, device.

Finally managed to upload another video to my channel: youtube.com/watch?v=38X40zoiwu
Felt like playing some , a game developed by Corp in #1984 for the MSX .

I should find some (stable) -oriented instance to start uploading these too. Any suggestions?

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