Maintenance on, so I logged back into my alt for a change. :)

I think I actually spotted a couple of posts I hadn't seen on my main.

People complaining once again about the spec limitations of the competition.
So, this year I decided to suggest that those who want to compete with , , or other configurations that don't match the limitations of the , to participate in one of the many out there. :)

Feel free to comment here with your suggestions for events that welcome in their specific compos or . :)

Early mention of the by legend at the technology exhibition of #1984:

Always a joy to watch classic episodes. :)

Een oude aflevering van Wondere Wereld met Chriet waarin hij volgens mij voor een van de eerste keren de vermeldt. Op de beurs.

Did a bit of a challenge to myself today.
I wanted to see if I could defeat the series of 10 minibosses and its follow-up regular boss in on the , using the buggy 'Fire Blaster' weapon (which seems to do no damage at all), and the napalm missiles.
You have to destroy them before they go off-screen, or else their core shield gets restored.
Recorded with emulating an .

Spotted on an forum:
"Most have a lot of no time"
Sounds like a nice way to say there are a lot of good intentions to do something, but a lack of free to do so. ;)

Had some personal thing come up, so I think I missed the demos and the "Japanese Show and Tell" block on the stream, but I am watching the section about the now :)

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Tuned into the stream at, mostly as background ambience.
Looking forward to the Show and Tell block at 23:00 CET tonight, as I'm told by @Truck that there might be during it. :)
See for the full schedule in your local time.

mirror courtesy of at

Managed to add (aka .jp) support to my little HTML+JS playlist tool:

So, now I can have , and videos/songs in a single playlist for easy playback. :)

Current example contains primarily or MSX-inspired :

Code of the script to scrape links from a topic on is especially dirty because I copy/pasted it with minor changes from my project...

That's pretty cool: tune on a work-in-progress music supporting 's soundchip, and the builtin aka , as well as the :

It has some pretty high specs though, requiring the latest revision in the line of MSX standards, a machine, as well as the VDP (for instance in the form of a or video expansion cartridge).

So, if you don't mind making your ears bleed slightly, you can watch an absolute beginner like me play for about a minute, using the PSR-295, connected via MIDI over USB to the 's -In port of an emulated /128 , with 's for converting those inputs into audio produced by the for some rather harsh because I suck at configuring that programme. ;)

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Currently watching "A Yamaha 8-bit Music Computer - Testing out the CX5M" by
- :

They give a brief but decent overview of the history of the standard at least. :)
Will be interesting to hear what they have to share about the machine. :)

is currently streaming over on at

So if you want to listen to some , / music tracked in , and (perhaps later some / ?), hop on. :)

And speaking of cartridges from the / , here's a Korean release of 's (though this release says it's by ), currently up for sale by a fellow friend:

I just absolutely love these by amateur / developers ( and Martijn aka ) for the .

During my move to I unfortunately got rid of the modified boxes they were wrapped around, but these generators will never get sold anyway...

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