An interesting (over-) analysis of the lyrics of the Gary Moore / song "Over the hills and far away":

Not sure which explanation I like best: the Bonny & Clyde setup, or the husband finding out about the affair and framing his so-called best friend.

Wireless headphones ( ), Spotify, and Fiddler's Green - Heyday, all the doors and windows open for some fresh air, and time to do some .

Let's see if making some more space / cleaning up daily mess, will help clear up my own mind as the same time too. :)

Is there a proper name for only being able to 'hear' the parody lyrics to a song, rather than the actual lyrics?
Or should I just continue to refer to it as the "Weird Al"-Yankovic-effect?

Today's example: "American Pie" during the credits of , of which I can only 'hear': "My, my, this here Anakin guy, maybe Vader some day later, but now he's just a small fry."

Wow, has it been 23 years already since the by Jochem Fluitsma & Eric van Tijn was released?
Even if you don't understand Dutch, watching the videoclip at is imho worth it just for the contemporary footage of the .
Wouldn't mind seeing an updated version, even though it'd probably show a lot more people staring into their phones...

Dutch Wikipedia article:

Ugh... why is the desktop app so slow to start up? I want to listen to music now, not in 5 minutes. Does it first have to load the data from a data cassette tape?

It was bad enough that I had to wait for to log in and finish updating after it had rebooted itself again, all by itself.

Anyway, I can finally continue to listen to the playlist with songs from the show .

that E-Rotic, of the hit songs "Fred Come To Bed" and "Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex", actually made another album in 2018, "The Power of Sex". 😳

Maybe I'll check it out later today or tomorrow, when I have some more time to listen to the music and lyrics. :)

The little can't get enough of this version of by Italian band :

"I am a and I'm digging a hole,
diggy, diggy hole, diggy, diggy hole
I am a dwarf, and I'm digging a hole,
diggy diggy hole, digging a hole."

with brilliant , am I right?

Dear of Mastodon: hit me with your favourite and suggestions!
Preferably not just bandnames, but also one or two of what you consider their best songs.

It's almost April, and I'm listening to ><

I bet this is gonna fuck up my suggestions...

Done some housework, had some lunch and tea and it's 13:37 'o clock.
Time to listen to tunes from one of my all-time favourite games: ΒΉ in both their original versions, and their versions composed by :

ΒΉ (Now better known as )

Listening to @tomasino playing oldschool on @tilderadio made me play some I haven't listened to for a long time: Dutch HipHop aka

During the late or early I had a period I listened quite a bit to this genre, especially artists and were often in my portable MP3 CD player, and for some reason that music helped me gain a bit more self-confidence.

So, : Brainpower - The Box P.U.R.E. Session

When listening to , I tend to not 'register' the words, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

A blessing as it makes it easy to have music on in the background while reading text, or writing code.

A curse, as it makes me completely unaware of the lyrics. I can have had an album on repeat, and still have no clue what the songs are about; as long as it sounds right, they could be singing 'lalalala' for all I care.

This unfortunately also makes it impossible to listen to ...