Not quite sure which for I prefer:
- The version for :
- The version, which I've played my fair share of, and thus has quite some nostalgia:
- the version:
- or the version:

The latter one by certainly sounds the most unique and has strong vibes.

Christmas music, Metal Edition 

The playlist by/on is surprisingly decent so far:

Quite some tunes in there I wasn't familiar with yet.

Even doesn't (yet?) seem to mind having it on in the background via the PS3. :)

Managed to add (aka .jp) support to my little HTML+JS playlist tool:

So, now I can have , and videos/songs in a single playlist for easy playback. :)

Current example contains primarily or MSX-inspired :

Code of the script to scrape links from a topic on is especially dirty because I copy/pasted it with minor changes from my project...

Okay, I did not expect to spend this much time on playing with @Siiw's keyboard...

I love , but it's always been a skill I considered as something I would never get the hang of.
And while I still don't think I'd ever be good at it, after tonight I think I can at least learn the basics of it after all. :)
It started with managing to connect my wife's keyboard over USB to my laptop, and through the emulator, to an emulated /128, and I got a kick out of that.

Currently watching "A Yamaha 8-bit Music Computer - Testing out the CX5M" by
- :

They give a brief but decent overview of the history of the standard at least. :)
Will be interesting to hear what they have to share about the machine. :)

If I could learn overnight to create in one specific genre, I think it might actually be ...

I've been listening quite a bit to tonight, but I've had to check a couple of times already to make sure I wasn't listening to instead.

Not a bad thing. ;)

Oof... while I really dig the sound of the new album , the actual story it tells is bleak, disturbing, without much depth and frankly not quite my thing...

I'll probably still end up listening to it a lot in the background though. I guess it sometimes is a blessing to be able to push into the background and just enjoy the melody and sounds of . :)

It's fascinating to hear translated in various other languages.
Having tried doing my own and versions of I know for , I bet most of those were made by expats or mixed culture couples for their own kids.

Wake me up when September ends, parental (not mine) death mention 

that 's "Wake Me Up When September Ends" was written about the death of the father of frontman when the singer was ten years old.
Also that he's —understandably— uncomfortable with the , and has joked about wanting to write Shut The Fuck Up, When October Begins:


Glad to be wearing headphones for this by 's . :)

has some loud moans that I'd rather not broadcast through the house at this time of day, lol.

If I ever get cut off from the Internet and have to rely on that isn't from a service such as , I'd be stuck with music collected in the and ...

And honestly, I think I'd mostly be okay with that. :)

(Though I'd probably want to get some offline copies of , , , , , , , and probably some other bands I only discovered in the past decade or so.)

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