I want to do some ... but it's already way too late...

Maybe tomorrow. Now I'll unwind with a non-alcoholic malt , and an episode of something on .

Since now carries it, I finally got around to watch the .
While it was an entertaining of itself, as a Dark Tower installment it felt rushed and superficial. Sure, it referenced things from 's book series, and his other books that are connected in the same universe/multiverse, but they felt more like fan-service cameos than an intrinsic part of it.
It would probably have been better as a series, especially without its rating.

I've washed 's bottles and bowls, a batch of laundry is spinning in the machine, I've covered the sofa with fresh blankets, cleared the table, sweeped the floors, did some dishes, put some of the toys away again, and walked with Beard Grabber around the living room for a while as well as practiced some other motor skills with him.
I think I deserve to sit down for a bit and relax with an episode of something on while the little one is asleep.

ooohh 57 episodes of are on !
Just watched the very first one, where creates the ... wow, that hasn't aged well... not the best example of how to look at women.

I'll try to watch some more when I have some downtime to see how suitable it'll be to eventually introduce to it, but first some sleep.

ICE, child deportation hearings, Orange is the new black, USPol 

Oh wow, I'm done with season 3 of already? That felt like a rather short season...
Judging by the last scene, they are planning on a fourth season though.

Ugh... why is the desktop app so slow to start up? I want to listen to music now, not in 5 minutes. Does it first have to load the data from a data cassette tape?

It was bad enough that I had to wait for to log in and finish updating after it had rebooted itself again, all by itself.

Anyway, I can finally continue to listen to the playlist with songs from the show .

Lucifer Season 4 Finale Spoilers 

Note to self: once I've finished season 4 of (just a few episodes left), I should finally start reading that complete archive of 's where the character of comes from, that has been collecting digital dust for probably close to a decade.

My SO has read all of them a long time ago, and I've been meaning to read it too, but just never got around to it.

I know that have a certain effect on foreigners, and often get requested by them on return visits, but seeing them mentioned in series , was the first time I saw stroopwafels (as well as chocolade , and even ) in some 'TV' series.

Just a shame the pronunciation got so butchered, even by the vendor...

I've started watching on . It's clear this series is based on a novella; I'm 2 episodes in and already several characters have been killed off πŸ€”πŸ€£

*Gizmodo is leading the misleading title competition*
While looking for a way to get around 's anti-screenshot , I found this article: "How to take screenshots of Anything (Even when they're blocked)"

However, in the actual article:
"Right now there's no way around this restriction"
"For the time being there's no way to get around this."
and more like it.



I felt like watching some , but it looks like Norway recently removed it from their catalogue rather than offering the latest season too...

If you feel like exploring different kinds of animation styles, and don't mind some adult rated content, check out Love, Death & Robots on . Definitely glad my brother-in-law recommended it to us.
The episodes are short enough for @Siiw and me to pick up and watch in between things, and have a diverse range of topics.
We also liked the plot twists at the end of several of them. :)

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