's cover of is certainly one of the better ones I've heard. I wonder if there is a full version of it available online.

Content/Trigger warnings for horror film Stephen King's IT: Part Two 

Well, the : Part Two on certainly starts off grim...
Gay bashing, suicide, domestic violence, attempted rape... And that's just in the first 10–20 minutes…
So, if you're planning to watch , be warned it's not just about a murderous fear-eating creature that takes on the shape of the , making people see all sorts of abominations while abducting / dismembering children…

Watching the on makes me wish I could mix and match per character, so American characters can speak and the rest can speak or whatever other appropriate language is available for their nationality.

In general I prefer the original Japanese audio track, but it's weird hearing speak Japanese.

Finally saw ' on .
Those were some gorgeous visuals! Who knew you didn't need aliens when you have mutated sea creatures? xD
Not to mention, I do love me some flashy neon light effects.
Also, makes for a wonderful cinematic . :)

Wow, putting to bed went surprisingly smoothly today o_O
Now, do I have enough energy left to do some coding before @Siiw comes home from work, or do I collapse on the sofa to watch some instead?...

So, if I want to adjust the appearance of the / on when watching it through the app, I actually have to do it through the website as a global profile-wide setting? Not only that, I also have to restart the PS3 app to apply the changes...

That's rather counter-intuitive, and a bit annoying if you have to keep doing that when switching between apps with different preferences...

After watching 's again on , it was good to read a bit more about the themes used in it on its page: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirited

Quite some and coming soon to that I want to watch!

's (at least, I assume it's by the same guy)

• More films!

I just wish they'd release these things a bit more spread out over the year...

YAY! is available on here in now :D
*And* it's got the original audio, and / available. ^_^

(Norwegian and English audio too, as well as Japanese and Norwegian subs, but I prefer .jp audio and .en subs)

Looking forward to slowly watching through the library!

I do have the feeling that on would be more entertaining had I actually played the games.

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also, I'm excited to see that season 2 of the remake series is hitting soon!

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Well, that season 4 finale of 's with and sure was something…
Can't say I really liked it as much as previous seasons though.

Usually I love 's intro and recap skip feature, but for season 2 it imho really should skip past the resolution of the season 1 cliffhanger...

Started on 's with . I'm two episodes in, and I can see why I always heard people talk positively about it. :)
I wish the episodes were split up into shorter episodes though. I know I can just pause , but the temptation tends to be too great to watch the entire episode at once.

«In May 2018, renewed the [Gotham] series for a fifth and final season, consisting of 12 episodes, premiered on January 3, 2019, and concluded on April 25, 2019.»

So, there's apparently one more final season once I'm done watching season 4 of , but since it's not (yet?) on , I guess I might end up having to find it elsewhere.

Yay, fragmented platforms?

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It's weird seeing as in the series .
I'm so used to seeing him as on .

On the last season of it that's available on atm. I should check if more have aired already. Hopefully it hasn't been cancelled and more will appear on 'flix, as I'm enjoying this prequel series. :)

«Star Trek: The Animated Series will leave Netflix before the end of the year. A glance at the show’s page on Netflix reveals that is is “Available Until 12/01/2019,” meaning the series will disappear from the service as November turns into December.»

Looking forward to season 5 of the show !
«Lucifer’s musical noir episode will air solely in black and white, filmed in an alternate universe to the show in the .

The first official photo from the episode, taken by Josh Coleman, features Tom and Lesley-Ann singing a duet at the piano dressed to the nines in ’40s-era cocktail attire.»


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