I'm watching the on , and it kinda bugs me that these use such as 'feet', rather than (centi)metres.
I'm having a hard time imagining that astronauts would use anything but , especially when working with and space agencies.


Since S3 is being released on a week-by-week basis IIRC, we should probably find something else to watch in between episodes. :)
We still have something like one and a half season of to catch up on I think?

After that, perhaps which she hasn't seen, or which I haven't seen much of, but if which she has fond memories.

would be easy to stream from , but unfortunately isn't on a streaming service we have.

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And with that two-parter, @Siiw has also seen season two of :D
I liked watching it with her, but it was hard at times to not spoil things or not being able to fully discuss the episodes because I'd already seen S2 before.
Now we can both start with S3 at the same time though. :D

I love being able to share with her. <3

I like that the characters in 's actually speak their native languages, as it makes it a bit more authentic.
However, it also means I can't just have it on in the background while playing some , as my is atrocious, not to mention my lack of understanding of . xD

Lucifer Season 5A Finale (S5E8) 

Uff at that mid-season cliffhanger of season 8!

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for the rest of season 5...

(Nor the announced *final* season, season 6.)

I finished watching the last episodes of last night.
It's been a while since I saw the first two seasons, but I enjoyed them a lot. So, I was pretty excited to see season three arrive on last week or so. Binged through that pretty quickly, and didn't feel like waiting till/if Netflix would carry the final season, so found that elsewhere.
Final season probably wasn't as strong, at least not till close to the end. The finale ranks with some of the best series finales though!

"Tell friends about Netflix.
Share this link so your friends can join the conversation about all your favourite TV programmes and films."
But what's in it for me, ?

If you want me to spam the people I know, then I'd better get something in return, such as a lower subscription fee...

Hmm, maybe I should watch 's before watching on , as I'm not certain if I ever actually watched the film.

I know of the typical scenes such as and , and I'm also quite certain what happens to the hotel at the end of the film (or am I thinking of there?), but I can't really recall much of the rest of the film, so I better 'sail my ship' towards 's hotel. ;)

Got some nice on in the background to keep me company while I do so. :)


I swear, I use this more for consumption such as and the displayed , than yo actually play games... Which means I'd probably be better off getting a bit more powerful than the 1 I have lying around, and using that as often-on media player connected to my TV/PC screen.

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looking for series recommendations 

The episodes are a tad too long to my liking, and I have a feeling it's not going to be as positive as I was looking for, but I'm going to give a go next on . :)

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Ugh... I wish all subtitles would just translate any language, instead of showing "speaks $language" as soon as a language other than the primary language (in my case usually English) is spoken...

looking for series recommendations 

Any on you can recommend?
I'm ideally looking for an established (or even finished) series with several seasons available, and where every episode preferably isn't much longer than half an hour.

Things I've watched and enjoyed in the past include:


Seeing how I primarily use my to watch , I wish I could tell it to boot with that app started... Or at least focused.

I guess it actually would make more sense to use a such as a for that purpose instead. :)

's cover of is certainly one of the better ones I've heard. I wonder if there is a full version of it available online.

Content/Trigger warnings for horror film Stephen King's IT: Part Two 

Well, the : Part Two on certainly starts off grim...
Gay bashing, suicide, domestic violence, attempted rape... And that's just in the first 10–20 minutes…
So, if you're planning to watch , be warned it's not just about a murderous fear-eating creature that takes on the shape of the , making people see all sorts of abominations while abducting / dismembering children…

Watching the on makes me wish I could mix and match per character, so American characters can speak and the rest can speak or whatever other appropriate language is available for their nationality.

In general I prefer the original Japanese audio track, but it's weird hearing speak Japanese.

Finally saw ' on .
Those were some gorgeous visuals! Who knew you didn't need aliens when you have mutated sea creatures? xD
Not to mention, I do love me some flashy neon light effects.
Also, makes for a wonderful cinematic . :)

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