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Huh, I'm positive I've enabled on before;my main profile is proof of that as it's dark.
However, I'm unable to find a setting for it in the Android app, and thus can't reproduce it on another profile.
Anyone got suggestions?

Hmm, I don't quite get the hate "IO" on ( gets.
It was an interesting film, even though I could see some of the 'twists' and conclusions a mile away.
Maybe some people just don't want to be confronted with depictions of possible end results of ?
Or maybe I'm a sucker for films with a limited amount of actors and film locations? Anyone got recommendations for similar films like this and 's Man From Earth?

Star Trek: Discovery S2E02 (#spoilers) 

was giving me errors, saying each title wasn't available for instant viewing. It wasn't till I switched profiles that the Netflix Android app realised I apparently wasn't signed in anymore and presented me a login screen.

One of the best features of is probably the ability to skip intros and credits... yet I still occasionally find myself tempted to skip ahead 30-60 seconds manually out of old habit.
Damn you, !

Dear $Deity,
please stop the loud rain or hail storm, or whatever is making such a racket outside while also making it unbearable to go outside; it's disturbing my watching.

After ignoring Rick & Morty for a while, as the drawing style didn't appeal to me, I gave it a go after seeing my brother-in-law watch an episode during the holidays.
Ended up binging the 3 seasons available on over the past 2 weeks.
While I don't think it'll keep my interest for too many more seasons, I wouldn't mind at least another.

So... will I be able to watch season 2 of the on one or two episodes at a time, rather than binging on it?