Since now carries it, I finally got around to watch the .
While it was an entertaining of itself, as a Dark Tower installment it felt rushed and superficial. Sure, it referenced things from 's book series, and his other books that are connected in the same universe/multiverse, but they felt more like fan-service cameos than an intrinsic part of it.
It would probably have been better as a series, especially without its rating.

The nearby psychiatric hospital has a couple of lovely public park areas, which also house some nice and artworks. One of them is off two , wearing rain clothes.
This is of one of the , looking forlorn out into the distance.

Anyone know how to can force the app on to use for all app descriptions, rather than a mix of English and / because I'm located in ? @fdroidorg perhaps?


Had my first / sighting of the season this evening. :D
Since we were walking home with in the pram, I didn't really have an opportunity to take a photo of it though, but I'm sure I'll have more chances later this season/year. :)

Anyone have any for custom in small (1-5 units) batches, that can be shipped to ? I'm thinking of getting a couple of codes (my and , as well my profile URL) as patches to put on my backpack and/or jacket, and I'm curious to the costs.

(The prices I guess are reasonable if you consider the costs involved in transport, import, taxes, and selling it on markets throughout all of for a limited time period each year. At least it was far more affordable than the sold at another booth!)

Since I've been running behind on my Daily Photograph entries, here's one of and , taken on a warm evening in of #2015 in the . Unfortunately I can't really take these kinds of pictures here in northern during summer, as it doesn't really get dark above the around now... something something .

Green Red Berries
Today's Daily Photograph is of some unripe red currant, photographed with my in , near the end of #2017.

Latin: Ribes rubrum
English: Red currant
Norwegian: Hagerips
Dutch: Aalbessen, rode bessen

They're starting to form on their shrubs now too, and with , they'll soon be ripe.

Today's Daily Photograph is taken through the window of an flying from to the back in of #2015.
It's an automated () merge by of 3 () shots taken with my , and shows one of the 's engines as well as the and below.

Today's Daily Photograph is of some pink flowers of which I'm sure @Siiw will know the name better than me, and a sea shell. The photo was taken in #2016 at in , .

It's a lovely area which houses some quite old buildings originally used for building boats and is home to the  and

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