It's been on and off here in , since yesterday already...
While it may look nice at first, it'll soon turn into disgusting gray sludge and ice, and I'm not looking forward to months on end of it again...

is coming?

The reminded me that tonight at 03:00 the clock will go back an hour again because we still follow that stupid here in , and thus ends and starts.

I really hope that one of these years we'll finally put an end to that nonsense that is ...

I just absolutely love these by amateur / developers ( and Martijn aka ) for the .

During my move to I unfortunately got rid of the modified boxes they were wrapped around, but these generators will never get sold anyway...


My bottle of is empty. :(
I wish wasn't as highly taxed as it is here in ...

Fortunately there's still some left. :)

Time to savour this last glass while doing some . :)

Welcome to

A taken recently during a trip to , , here in Norway. A house painted with the typical Norwegian red paint can be seen in the background:

If you want to learn a bit more about why the so often is red, you might like this article former chief architect once wrote about that:

Took out for a walk today to get some coals for the , as well as a bottle of cola for my daily caffeine needs, and treated the little one and myself to a shared ice-cream. 😄

This is probably the hottest day of the year so far, especially since there's almost no wind. I don't think I'm used to this hot weather anymore, so I guess I've sufficiently acclimated to and in particular. ;)

After frying up some food on the , I just had to go inside…

Oh, apparently I missed that is also going to be online-only...
Such a shame... :( I was actually looking forward to meeting a bunch of in person again.

Good thing I hadn't bought a plane/train ticket yet though...

Where do you keep your laundry machine?

Growing up in the , ours was in the kitchen, though I also knew plenty who kept it in a separate laundry room.
Here in ours is in the bathroom, and looking at house ads, that *seems* to be most common place.

Regardless, this comment from had me laughing out loud:
"Well of course does laundry in the kitchen, it's not like the are known for cooking in there…"

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