Took out for a walk today to get some coals for the , as well as a bottle of cola for my daily caffeine needs, and treated the little one and myself to a shared ice-cream. 😄

This is probably the hottest day of the year so far, especially since there's almost no wind. I don't think I'm used to this hot weather anymore, so I guess I've sufficiently acclimated to and in particular. ;)

After frying up some food on the , I just had to go inside…

Oh, apparently I missed that is also going to be online-only...
Such a shame... :( I was actually looking forward to meeting a bunch of in person again.

Good thing I hadn't bought a plane/train ticket yet though...

Where do you keep your laundry machine?

Growing up in the , ours was in the kitchen, though I also knew plenty who kept it in a separate laundry room.
Here in ours is in the bathroom, and looking at house ads, that *seems* to be most common place.

Regardless, this comment from had me laughing out loud:
"Well of course does laundry in the kitchen, it's not like the are known for cooking in there…"

Looks like I've spotted the first on the who isn't happy that the latest update of 's is suddenly in rather than or ;)

(Yes, I've already tried reporting this bug myself. The e-mail address on the page is unmonitored though, so I did it through the app's instead.)

Music video cover of the Rolling Stones' Paint It Black, by Frog Leap Studios 

Definitely one of the better covers out there imho:

Well done of !

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some to do!

YAY! is available on here in now :D
*And* it's got the original audio, and / available. ^_^

(Norwegian and English audio too, as well as Japanese and Norwegian subs, but I prefer .jp audio and .en subs)

Looking forward to slowly watching through the library!

photo of alcoholic beverages 

Trying out ( from the AS brewery in , , pictured on the left), and ( by the brewery in , , pictured on the right).

The was not quite sweet enough to my taste tbh, but still decent. The was a bit too sour, but that was @Siiw's pick anyway. :)

I had to climb halfway up for a raid as part of my , so I decided to climb the rest up to the top as it has a lovely view over the city of , , . :)

Worth threading the slippery and -covered surface!

hmm, looks like the 900 series used , while this uses , so I guess that's out of the question. Maybe I can find some cheap RAM sticks on instead. :)
Though with hardware prices here in northern , even for , it's probably not worth it.

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By the end of last I'd ordered this to be more visible, and see my surroundings better, on my walks here in northern .

Silly me forgot to order an #18650 to go with it though, so it had been lying unused on a shelf.

I recently finally ordered a set of (s), and today they arrived. Happy to report it's working well :D

Vacant Mind
This seems to be longing for some company.
Photo taken back in of 2014 with my then-daily-driver Sony Xperia Z1 during a walk in , , , .
I post-processed it on my tablet with the app.


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