Grattis med dagen ! Hipp, hipp, hurra!

Congratulations with your 205th !

Gefeliciteerd met de 205e / !

🇧🇻 🇳🇴

I'm considering getting an , but with shipping to , 25% VAT, import taxes and hidden handling fees, it's likely going to end up at more than double of what the actually costs...
I guess I'll end up just getting the far less powerful 3B+ just because I can get that straight from a shop without waiting for a month not knowing what hidden extra handling fees from importing will be added.

Ah, yes, , when here in northern you can still expect to be shoveling fresh off your path before you can properly go out...
Not a fan of , no...

Fortunately the use of in products has been heavily restricted here in due to / EU regulations (even though Norway is not part of either):

I encountered these cute ( aka aka aka ) last while playing around with the AI soft-focus mode of .

Taken on the first of 2018 in , in northern . Automatically post-processed by .

Right, time to go out into the rain and see if I can find some decent Black Friday sales this year up here in above the . ;)