Star Trek (Short Treks, TOS, DS9) and Tribbles 

After watching the episode with @Siiw, I put on epside , because chronologically that'd be the next episode with (AFAIK).
Since she seemed to like that, I decided to follow it up right away with the episode because it has some aweome use of montage and extends the episode brilliantly.

And with that two-parter, @Siiw has also seen season two of :D
I liked watching it with her, but it was hard at times to not spoil things or not being able to fully discuss the episodes because I'd already seen S2 before.
Now we can both start with S3 at the same time though. :D

I love being able to share with her. <3

Btw, @Taweret and @apLundell, if you haven't watched yet, I can at least recommend watching the finale of season 1. :)

First and foremost because it actually criticises 's policy of 'some' interference, and secondly because of a cameo of 2 characters/actors. :)

I bet if were an actual thing, would travel to the era so he could be on every single series.

He might not have appeared on yet, but I'm convinced he'll find a way to insert himself there too; probably as a holodeck biography about that ends up watching. xD

Star Trek: Lower Decks, S01E06: Terminal Provocations 

"Congratulations, you look like a fucking scratching post"
cat-like doctor in .

looking for series recommendations 

Any on you can recommend?
I'm ideally looking for an established (or even finished) series with several seasons available, and where every episode preferably isn't much longer than half an hour.

Things I've watched and enjoyed in the past include:


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