Just watched an excellent video did for about 5 years ago, on in : youtu.be/l4bmZ1gRqCc ("58 and other confusing numbers")
Really interesting to see it from a POV, and I never realised was far from the only commonly used base system.

"When you tell the truth, you never have to remember what you lied about."
-- of

So, once again was the reason we couldn't have good things, being 'allergic' to what made so good...
One of 's issues imho was that it wasn't as serialised, and most importantly that things that happened didn't have as much of a lasting effect. Damage almost always was reverted the next episode, shuttles seemed to appear out of nowhere, and photon torpedoes also seemed to be available in limitless supply.
as a season instead of twoparter? Yes, pls

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> «[W]e wanted “Year of Hell” to last the entire season. We wanted to see Voyager get its ass kicked every episode and through that season was going to be marbled the story of Annorax and the time ship that was changing things. So, we would go back to it every once in a while to remind the audience that is the larger story. But [it was rejected] because Deep Space Nine made Rick Berman allergic to serialized storytelling, violently so.»

That was a bit of a moment.
I was just watching ' "Is Starfleet Actually The Bad Guy" episode of as he started talking about the episode "Journey's End", while the update notification/ad for 's latest expansion/update pops up, which is also titled o_O

Those Command Red and Operations Gold uniforms of sure stand out... they don't make for good camouflage during extraction operations....

I dreamt that got merged with some weird floppies and became the origin of the .

«Star Trek: Deep Space Nine guest star Frank Langella played Skeletor in the film whereas Star Trek: Voyager star Robert Duncan McNeill played the role of Kevin Corrigan, and Meg Foster of Evil-Lyn.»


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Remember the creature from 's programme?
«According to the script for "The Way of the Warrior", this was a "hulking ogre-like monster from mythology."

According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia[…], the mask used was that "of the character from the movie Masters of the Universe." Star Trek makeup designer Michael Westmore also did makeup work for that film.»

Star Trek, fictional death, TNG + Picard spoilers 

and her family have bad luck when it comes to close family members...
First her sister drowns at a very young age.
Next, her father dies suddenly (according to a novel due to sabotage).
Then an alien entity impregnates her, resulting in , who shortly after gave up his human life to save the crew.
Finally she gives birth to who dies to a disease that couldn't be treated due to Synthetics ban.

Star Trek: The Next Generation, S7E12: "Pegasus" 

I can't help but wonder if still would've come forth to and had they not been trapped inside that asteroid by the ...

"Transporter chief: keep a permanent lock on the away team and beam them up the moment they are in trouble."
*moments later*
"We've lost the lock; there's too much interference".

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