Something I think does better than by the way, is how its crew is a lot more diverse.
I'm not talking about human inclusivity here, but rather showing more diversity in the kinds of species.
Not all crew members are your typical human-like creature with just some simple cosmetics added, but instead you got multi-eyed beings, something that looks like a mix between a worm, an anteater and a xenomorph, and even non-humanoids such as the Gelatin Yaphit.

If the Vorta and Cardassians can understand the (Damar said he had to adjust his ), then why do we still jave to 'hear' 'distorted noise'?

Seeing gulp down is disgusting enough without knowing it actually is ....

The present their best-of album with classics such as:
— Rock 'n Vole
— TerRock Nor
— Yamok Rocket Sauce
— Rock the Runabout
— Killing me swiftly (with this song)
— Born to be Obedient
— Yakety Yamok
— Be-Bop-A-Bajoran
— Vole over Bajor
— Cardassia Dreamin
— Mind playing neck tricks on me
— No Matter What Shape-Shifter

"Far Beyond The Stars"
Are those in one of the story sketches?
I love this episode btw. Not just the story, but also because it shows all the actors without their alien makeup.

What version of did and play on ?
Every time I watch, they seem to aim for the bull's eye (or rather, the *inner* bull's eye), as if that gives the most points.
However, in most professional darts I've seen, the max score in a round would be 180 points from three times treble/triple twenty.
I thought the only time you'd go for the inner bull, would be if you have exactly 50 points left, and thus needs a double 25 to finish?

Wow, got more love than ?
getting no love, is no surprise, but I expected Pike to do better than Janeway as well. I guess you don't count when you don't have your own series.

Then again, just 4 votes is hardly significant.

FWIW, Pike would've been my choice here.

Since has been gaining more popularity since , let's see how he does against 's and 's .

fans, cast your votes! Try not to let your bias for the , and shows colour your vote for best captain!

Boost welcome. 🖖

Downside of binging on series: it's too easy to see clips being reused.
For instance, on : footage of a damaged runabout, as well as footage of a couple of Cardassians overlooking Cardassia Prime while listening to a soeech on how Cardassian children are the future.

If 's appearance is based on mimicking the , then why do the look just like Odo?
It's not their natural form, which seems to be the liquid state, and they are capable of much more detailed humanoid forms, as shown by their infiltration activities.

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"What's your name?"
"Oh, that's a very pretty name; what is it, ?"

Oh, you,

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