I'm watching a guy called David write about another guy carving David the Gnome statues ;)

you might also like on :
MusicPiped (Materialistic music player that streams music from YouTube) - f-droid.org/app/deep.ryd.rydpl
It supports continued playing in the background.

I've tried it a couple of times, but I just can't get into that game...

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We've reached a point where we'd like to start #hiring developers to work on the #WriteFreely roadmap 💻 :writefreely2:

This would be remote, contract-based work for now, with a chance to go full-time later in the year (assuming all continues going well). You'd be creating free / open source software.

I'll have more details soon, but especially if you're a #Go / #Golang developer and want to work on a growing #fediverse project, I'd love to hear from you!

#FOSS #job #jobs

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yeah, the nagware is annoying, and I'm not going to pay for something that should be built-in functionality, but in its gratis state it does enough for what I need it to do for when I need to cull my tabs, whih fortunately isn't as often anymore as it used to be.

Chrome for Android only shows tje tab count when the screen is small enough I think, and it's thus showing only a single tab at a time. The tab button shows the total tab count (but like Firefox, only shows a max count of 99).
See screenshots for >99 tabs and 96 tabs.



what is something you'd like to forge, but for which you feel like you aren't yet skillful enough, or for which you lack some equipment?

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Chrome on Android does do a tab count. On desktop I mostly use Tabs Outliner for tab management.

there are plenty of picks of our I'd like to share too, but in this increasingly scary age of data mining, facial recognition and digital surveillance, I don't feel we have the right to decide for our offspring whether or not photos of them can be shared online...

@Morn when are you going home again for your mother's birthday?

Still not sure if this log of is just happy, or grinning evilly.
There were quite some logs out here; it smelled like the wood section of a DIY store.



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