while Netflix does run, is doesn't necessarily output in 1080p or higher if it isn't Widevine certified. :) You could check its status with the app for instance: play.google.com/store/apps/det

(Or if the device outputs to a TV/monitor, I guess you can check the resolution there?)

@pentaro hah, that explains why I couldn't see that wreath you talked about. πŸ˜…

@djsundog can they run Netflix in though?
These Chinese boxes often don't have the required L3 license for it.


glad you found it! :)

youtu.be/C91WgKc541s (Beavis and Butthead and Cher: I Got You Babe) I miss music videos like this...

also, now I want to listen to Beavis & Butthead doing "I've got you babe" with Chèr (I think?)...

not sure :) "Paloma Blanca" (white dove) is a song by singer which was quite popular during my early childhood, so it's a title I'm familiar with.
I just googled for Paloma Blanca Beavis and found that page. ;)

Also: Β«In the United States,Β Eddie Murphy, as the character Buckwheat in aΒ Saturday Night Live television commercial parody, sang a mangled version parodying the Slim Whitman version entitled "Una Panoonah Banka"Β»

looks like someone had a bunch of animal body parta lying around and tossed them together, or had way too much fun with the creature creator. πŸ˜…

@DC7IA build a time machine and complain to the people in the nineteenth century who first introduced it :)

wow, that was way too cumbersome to extract the audio file on mobile without using a dedicated podcast app... I really wish podcasters would include a direct link to their audio files instead of expecting users to rely on podcast apps or embedded audio players.

sorry for the ... it's just one of those pet peeves that really bug me.

Anyway, thanks for sharing :) looking forward to hearing what "weird al" has to say. :)

:weed: propaganda 

thanks for sharing this. :)
I've listened to all of volume 1, and am halfway through volume 2, and have enjoyed having it on so far. :) Some relatable, and some interesting to consider for when grows up.

(note, these deals end in less than 2 days, after which the gratis game will be )

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