"pitcher choked to death as batter strikes out"
"Witnesses say they heard a loud NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" from the crowd shortly before the pitcher grabbed at his own throat."

Your phone's wifi signal can be used to identify your gait (way you walk). Your gait is unique enough that it can be used to identify you. If there is prior video footage of view, it can be matched to that too. Impressive research, scary implications nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2019/

shouldn't the new migration feature help with that by automatically migrating followers from the old to the new account though?

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Is there a page somewhere that explains the meanings of terms like β€˜defederate’, β€˜block’, β€˜silence’, etc., and what exactly they entail? I understand the general idea that instance admins can control what traffic they accept from and/or emit to other instances, but I don’t know precisely what the various options are and how they affect what I can and can’t see/send as a user of a given instance.

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could also use a forced screen rotation app so you can hold your phone upside-down?

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why isn't the tenth recommending it? Because they haven't read it yet? ;)

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yeah, last year I did a bunch of documentation fixes. Just need to find the headspace to sit down and do some, preferably at a computer rather than my phone, because the online editor of sucks on a phone

β€’ content warnings
β€’ image descriptions
β€’ moderated instances
β€’ a community that tends to have a less enraging and more engaging atmosphere
β€’ a non-algorithmic timeline; just a chronological feed and no promoted crap
β€’ open protocol
β€’ full support for third party clients

@fedilab a minor when reloading the app when it was focused on the notifications: the timeline icon is highlighted rather than the notifications icon.


Folks, the one thing that #meetup solved was not "RSVPs for events", it was getting events in front of a motivated community and promoting them. Rebuilding the RSVP functionality isn't going to wrestle anyone from Meetup's new changes. What we need are folks who are willing to try out alternatives and report back to their community on what works best for them.

gettogether.community already exists and has users on it. Try that first and let's get the "community" part of meetup started.

@aidalgol @moritzheiber They've just announced they'll take more money meetup.com/lp/paymentchanges

This is a true coincidence, because today is also the 1st beta release of #Mobilizon framablog.org/2019/10/15/mobil

So let's thank MeetUp for giving us even more reasons to free our events from their walled garden :troll: !

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