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So, the Andorian said: "That's not my antenna!"
*looks at @Morn
Oh, why do I bother...

Oh how useful... the JSON files seem to contain references to video-downloads.googleusercont files that give a HTTP 400 error, possibly because those URLs tend to expire in a short period?

@jbond have you also noticed that a lot of the .localFilePath items for .album .media[] items in Google+ Stream/Posts seem to be pointing to files that are not actually there?

A quick note for archive users:

.localFilePath refers to files in "../Photos/Profile photos" and "../Photos/Scrapbook photos", however these paths are incorrect. Instead, these should refer to "../Photos/Miscellaneous Photos/(Profile|Scrapbook) photos".

Just watched episode The Way of the Warrior, in which @Worf mentions he's stayed at the of .
Having watched the recent episodes of , that makes me wonder if that monastery still had the same purpose in 's era...

I was sure that I fixed the certificate reloading issue last time that it happened, but it happened again. I'm sorry

A work-in-progress, open-source, multi-player city simulation game in Rust

vim tip: set relativenumber # Sets relative line numbers so that you can easily see how many lines away a line is from the current line.

Here's a thing! It's a forum, for #retrocomputing
There's a weekly digest email and an RSS feed. Sign up today!
(Boost this for extra points)

Time for a bit more coding on , and archiving of personal content from the GoogleUserContent servers before it's inevitably deleted too.

Former Mozilla CTO was detained at US border and told he had no right to lawyer

(submitted by DiabloD3)

KemoNine just shared some screen caps and pics of the final Nano Pi Neo2 + NAS Board setups they've been working on the last few weeks.

They successfully got zfs to work inside 1Gb RAM on a 64bit arm board *and* were able to replace/upgrade a disk in a zfs pool while *also* using the board for other disk io and network io operations.

This has *serious* implications for the positive.

On our arm64 boards we now have a very robust filesystem that can be used to help with data durability and integrity over time.


Is there a way to mute an entire thread on @Mastodon ?
While I don't mind the occasional shitpost and tootstorm, sometimes it gets rather boring watching some of these shittootstorms.

From back when Google still had some sense of humour, and used marketing campaigns such as on , featuring

While I did get him to say Hoffsome, I never got him to one of my photos. :(

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