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"Some things are not that easy!"
β€”"... and some things are made harder than they should be..."

Will prob look into adding a small extra shelf in that desk compartment, and/or another way to attach the power strip in a bit easier to reach (for me) position, which should also make it even harder for to reach.

I think I should soon order a bunch of parts from or similar, so I have a range of hinges, screws, supports, etc, ready for tweaking my furniture.

Finally got around to moving the into the space underneath my desk, rather than on the floor where can easily reach it. Also moved the power supply (which I kinda wish was built-in to the console itself) there, so it no longer is hanging underneath the window sill. @Siiw can water her plants safely again. 😏

I hope both consoles will be able to get enough air circulation in their new locations. Should still open use the PS3 to clear out dust from previous owners.

So, remember that Art Bell listening party I was talking about a while back?

I haven't yet found the MP3s, but I have identified the episode: The show in question first aired on 22 June 1998, and was re-aired on 29 August 1998 and 10 December 1999. The guests were three hackers, Disorder, Garph, and Shipley.

I've got a couple of spiders scanning the Net for copies, but this seem to be one of the most difficult to find episodes of any classic C2Cam.

If anybody finds recordings of the show, please let me know! Otherwise, this listening party won't happen.

Just learned about Bloom,

a suite of services like online storage, music player, photo library, contacts, notes, download manager(?) etc. by @z0mbie42

It's open source (AGPL v3.0 license) and written in Rust. "All these services have a free tier (or are completely free) for no counterpart (no targeting, no advertising...), and whose source code is freely available on GitLab."

blog post:

I should really try as a again...
Don't really want to muck with my current Windows install, nor feel like resizing partitions to make space for a Linux install, so I guess I should see if I still have a spare disk I can reuse for this purpose.

Or, finally order an SSD, even if it's just a tiny one, for myself to use as primary boot device. If only hardware here in wasn't so much more expensive than I'm used to from the ...

my very first (Dutch) mobile number. I got it with my very first phone, a , when was still called , which is probably over 2 decades by now. Wow, mobile phones have been part of my life for so long already, eh?

Granted, I barely used that SIM card yet, which is probably why I missed the SMS reminders, but I was kinda relying on the e-mail reminders they used to send out, as I liked holding onto that relic of my past.

Now to find accounts still referring to it.

just released another amazingly produced video about history. This time they look at the (also known in the EU as ).

wow... no, that DOP Piccante definitely isn't a for me...
Fortunately my SO @Siiw does like it, so she can have all of it, which I'm sure she doesn't mind. ;)
I'll stick to the and on this cheese platter.

@ajroach42 Ugh but the UI for managing lists is so terrible I probably won't actually make any. Want to add someone to a list? Open the list, click "edit list", search for their name, then click on it. A bank couldn't have come up with a worse UI. Why the hell can't I just add someone to a list directly from their profile?

"I sell things for cheap, because I just take them off your body again when you are dead."

literally a white supremacist to block 

If you are in need of a translator from English to Danish, give me poke.

I work freelance and have my own small communication business. Usually I write texts in Danish, proof-read etc. but I also do translations.

Maybe you need a Danish version of your software or something.

No, I'll try to be mature, and not play any games tonight and to try to just go to sleep instead, especially as I have no idea when will wake us up again.

Night, night, Fediverse.

I'd love to play a bit of , , but it's already 2 at night (though you wouldn't say so by how light it still is outside), and I guess I should get some actual sleep.

Tomorrow some more attempts, and probably ordering of some more parts for future home improvements, as well as a visit to a pop-up garden centre, here in .

Maybe I should bring my for some plant and flower pictures, as I haven't used that for way too long...

Years ago I wrote this post with suggestions on what to do while visiting the , with a focus on things I liked to do there as a native person:

I really need to write a follow-up to that, with some other things and places I have fond memories of, as well as places I like to visit in , , where I'm now residing.

The reason that I'm proud of it, prob comes from seeing my own father failing to actually do simple household DIY chores. Promising for years to put up planks or replace cabinet handles, yet never actually doing so.
I want to set a better example for . The results might not be the most sturdy at first, but making mistakes, and not being afraid to try something new/daunting, is part of the learning process.

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