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I've posted a new article on my emudev site explaining how bsnes and higan further mitigate input latency. I believe the technique could benefit other emulators as well. I'd be open to hearing your thoughts, thanks!

is full of energy today.
His father however, isn't... Something to do with him not wanting to sleep in his own bed for most of the night...

Here's hoping he wants to take a nap later today, and that the can of energy drink in the fridge, will help me boost my own energy levels. 😴

I’m aware image uploads are still broken. There is nothing i can do right now, unfortunately, as it is due to our service provider (Wasabi). Sorry for the inconvenience. I intend to change the service provider as soon as possible and have made preparations for it.

@lohang They have a status page they don't advertise anywhere:

Which does report the incident. But indeed, they don't mention it anywehere else.

@ajroach42 @ieure I never played it, but Elite was the game I remember watching my Dad play the most and really enjoyed reading The Dark Mirror and the manual when I was older.

....btw my Dad is selling his C64 collection if anyone wants it

@kelbot do you already have any of these OG devices such as the 's?

Looks like I need to order new button cell batteries though, as it looks like the ones I ordered several years ago have drained themselves... I can barely make out the graphics on this one. :(

I am aware that some home feeds are currently empty and I am in the process of rebuilding them.

Unfortunately that process is not optimized so it is taking a very long time. I will work on optimizing the code and then restart it.

being able to pin a dismissable status update to the top of all users' home feeds via the admin controls in mastodon could go a long way to alerting users of ongoing service issues like, say, an upstream provider of block storage having issues impacting media uploads.


Our media storage provider Wasabi is having issues again, so uploading files may not work, and some files may not download correctly either. Sorry for the inconvenience

On the same note, I'm aware that media attachments don't work most of the time. I'm trying to find a solution, which involves switching object storage providers, and we're talking about hundreds of gigs so it involves time and money. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The instance was struggling a lot when I woke up this morning. For some reason we had more than 20k jobs in queue. 10h later, there are still 8k waiting to be processed. I suppose the fact that Wasabi is shit doesn't help.

@brownpau @FiXato @Tusky @fedilab The sysadmin of just sent a service announcement:

All instances using Wasabi are probably being impacted.

Is it just me, or are others also having issues with images not loading on the , especially on mobile apps (both @Tusky and @fedilab seem to leave gaps of unloaded images in my timelines)? Last night even loading toots went with big delays... Also having issues uploading images.
I wonder if this is related to the release of 3.0?

Already tried rebooting my phone, but will try with resetting my network now (as well as test on another device).

Previews of upcoming films were originally shown after the main feature, hence the name 'trailers'.

@FiXato Harrold Lloyd's Hot Water and Girl Shy, lots of Keaton and Laurel and Hardy, Captain Blood, the Thief of Baghdad, The Sea-Hawk, the Air-Hawk and a bunch of other movies will be unambiguously in the public domain.

I've only seen a handful of them, but but I'll be watching several more.

@FiXato Emily Dickinson's poems were released in 24, as were a number of fitzgerald's short stories, some stuff from HG Wells, HP lovecraft, Edgar Rice Buroughs, several works by Arthur Connan Doyle, Agatah Christie, 12 Dashel Hammett short stories and others.

Wassily Kandinsky's painting Contrasting Sounds was released in 24, and it has long been one of my favorites.

I'll have to explore 24 in Film.

Soothing Warmth

I wonder if it's a primal instinct that watching these gives a rather comforting feeling?

Now that it actually gets dark again β€”which isn't the case around here in summerβ€” maybe I should fire up the / again before it starts snowing and freezing... just so I can take a other set of photos like these?

A Cyberdeck Built With Ergonomics In Mind

With a new decade looming over us, the hot new thing for hackers and makers everywhere is to build cyberdecks to go with the flashy black-and-neon clothing that the sci-fi films of old predicted we’d all be wear…

Original tweet :

I like the new trailer. It feels more humane and personal that the previous one. That's the kind of fan service I want to see from the next next generation.

If you can stand a few "trailer spoilers" I recommend giving it a watch:

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