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I don't know how reliable nmap's "OS fingerprinting" mechanism is (other than it reporting its own accuracy, of course) but a strikingly large percentage of those IPs all appear to be cable modems by the same manufacturer.

Can someone smarter than me take a look at this?

2) I signed up NordVPN, connected to it, and checked the client ip header when making requests to like in the link. Every request returns a different IP, so I wrote a little script to just make this request over and over and log it.

ahh , the man whose can make me simultaneously excited to as well as put me to sleep. πŸ˜…
That guy's videos were so and full of .

I just watched of it, Bubbling ( and now I'm wondering what he could've done with programmes such as .

btw currently is bundled with 2020 Ultimate in a :

I remembered this #Hearthstone #Murloc #YuleLog from a couple years ago. 53 minutes.

It's fun to sing along!

(depicts holiday decorations, including food, instrumental music, and gurgle-grunting)

Does any of you #Art and specifically #DigitalArt Folk have good ressources for painting/designing environments/backgrounds?
Those are fields I feel I really need to get into. Free would of course be perfect, I can also spend a little, but then I'd like it to be something I can keep, and study at my own pace (instead of, say, a Schoolism subscription where I only get a month of access, or courses with deadlines)

> Hmm, I *seem* to have broken things. Oops.

Oh, good, now I've fixed things. Shark attack averted.

Sorry everyone for the slowness today. We introduced some database query optimizations yesterday which sped up the loading of profile streams by a huge factor. Unfortunately the same change introduced a regression into the streams caching and has caused us to run approx an hour behind with background tasks during today.

Regression has hopefully now been fixed, catching up on incoming payloads and other tasks πŸ‘©β€πŸ”§

A warm cap with earflaps and hoodie kept my head warm, and a pair of sweat pants underneath my normal jeans, and the hoodie and a warm wool coat over my t-shirt, plus wool socks made by my mother-in-law, kept the rest of me warm.
An LED headlamp and a bright green arm light made sure I was visible and could see where I walked; something I wish more pedestrians and cyclists would do.

I was glad though when a local player I know, offered me a ride home as I got a hot chocolate at Shell

it actually wasn't as bad when I finally went out. The wind had died down a bit, but there still was a lot of snow. Had to shovel our path free off snow, as it had piled up quite a bit in front of our door.

The fairly deep snow meant that walking was quite a bit slower, and that my spiked shoes didn't have as much grip as I'd liked.

Apart from the uncomfortably strong wind accompanied by some hail, it didn't feel that cold; being warmly dressed helped a lot.

to be clear, I don't have a car nor a license to drive one, so I'll have to go out on foot, which in this weather would probably be like a 20–25 minutes walk on icy surfaces and strong winds in my face...

I want to visit some shops, but the windy is truly atrocious...

Not sure if the weather forecast is accurate, because it sounds worse outside than this...

I have a GNOME issue and need some help.

Apparently one of my scripts went through and moved a lot of my files into the trashcan (don't ask how, it just is).

I need help restoring over 900,000 files.

I have backups but I'd like to use that as a last resort.

What I want: A command-line way to restore those files where they came from, in bulk.

Does such a tool exist or do I need to write my own?

(answers that do not answer the above question will be ignored. My humor is quite low).

Some facts from the Ripe NNC Germany Country Report

- Daimer (a car manufacturer) holds 16,777,216 IPv4 addresses that were not provided by the RIPE NNC O_o

- 86 % of 1&1 - Versatel customers have IPv6 available (top rate).

- Only 70 % of Telekom (biggest provider in Germany) customers are capable of using IPv6

- All in all, abut 41 % of internet users in Germany are capable of using IPv6 based connections.

#ipv6 #ripe #internet

video of crustaceans (Hermit crabs exchanging shells) 

Deployed security.txt ( on all of my boxen.

Used these instructions to configure Nginx appropriately:

Seeing referred to as makes me want to listen to the song :

Β«Now unblessed, homesick in time,
soon to be freed from care, from human pain.
My tale is the most bitter truth:
Time pays us but with earth & dust, and a dark, silent grave.
Remember, my child: Without innocence the cross is only iron,
hope is only an illusion & Ocean Soul’s nothing but a name…

The Child bless thee & keep thee foreverΒ»

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