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I have a strong feeling that 's is actually a reskin of a instead...
Maybe I should see if I can replace the red 's with blue (or white, as the plastic case is already blue?) ones for starters. :)
Though that won't fix the mismatching sounds. :)

The loves opening and closes the doors to trigger the car locking and alarm sounds ;)


β€žApp Used by Netanyahu's Likud Leaks Israel's Entire Voter Registry

Names, identification numbers and addresses of over 6 million voters were leaked through the unsecured Elector appβ€œ

decided I should take down and fold the instead of sitting behind the computer; he's pulling down clothes and towels and hand them to me so I can fold them. xD

Guess it's time to do some more ... πŸ˜…

1) Recording music from the radio.
2) Recording quirky "audio plays/shows" (mostly with a school friend living on the ground floor).
3) Creating mixtapes as soon as I became a proud CD cassette recorder owner.
4) Learning English with a BBC course that came with audio material on cassettes. Listen and repeat!

Used to exchange spoken word letters with friends. Some got creative and poetic. Used to rig up loop-tapes. And record dreams on tape, in a semi-wake state in the middle of the night.

What have you used for?
β€” Recording / Playback of ?
β€” Computer such as or other programmes / ?
β€” Something else I didn't think/know of?

Or do you have no idea what a is?

⛔️ ACTION REQUIRED: Instance Shutdown ⛔️ will shut down permanently on February 29th, 2020.

Users are encouraged to move to a new instance of their choice.

Detailed announcement and Account Migration Instructions: +

Screenshots containing mature language and links to porn links in DuckDuckGo search results. 

@qikipedia in it's "het regent pijpenstelen": "It's raining pipe handles".
According to ( it's a reference to how long & straight rain can appear when pouring down.
Other (historic) expressions include:
β€” koeienstaarten (cowtails)
β€” mollenjongen (molebabies; ref. dark clouds resembling 's black skin)
β€” scheermessen (razorblades)
β€” telegraafdraden (telegraph wires)
β€” stront van de dijk (shit off the dyke)
β€” pieken (cones?)
β€” oude wijven (old women)

The strength of a civilization is not measured by its ability to fight wars, but rather by its ability to prevent them. GENE RODDENBERRY.

Trying to buy my partner a cheap laptop for school. She's not tech savvy at all. I'll need to teach very basics on how to use the UI. Unfortunately most educational institutions use windows on all their computers and expect Microsoft word documents so I think we're better off running windows unfortunately. I've been looking at a refurbished business grade laptop like a dell latitude. Can spend around $600 AUD. Wondering if anyone has any ideas or something they want to sell around #melbourne.

"I come from the future," the stranger said.
"Are you here to warn us?"
"The scientists of this age warn you. Thank you for listening."

Music video cover of the Rolling Stones' Paint It Black, by Frog Leap Studios 

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