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Super weird.

I am on macOS. bup in nixpkgs is a wrapper that adds the git path and calls .bup-wrapped. Perfectly normal.

.bup-wrapped has a shebang that asks to please run this file with python. Perfectly normal, usually works. The OS or shell tries to run the file with the shell, resulting in "from: can't read /var/mail/__future__" whaat.

So I set some environment variables and call the wrapper with Python explicitly. When it tries to execve a subcommand same thing happens. Super odd.

Executable bits on the files are set.
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Deaf people, do you prefer a video not made originally in sign language have subtitles or an interpreter, or something else? :boost_ok:

Pun: this combination of words was an actress in the Star Wars prequels 

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The literal meaning for the slang term ‘poppycock’ is probably ‘pappy crap’ (from Dutch pappe ‘soft food’ + kak ‘dung’ - deriving from the PIE root *kakka- ‘to defecate’).

Pun: a stuffed animal with razor claws 

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@FiXato something to do with the Viking presence, perhaps. Also the Old English, Old High German, Middle & modern Dutch all seem to share etymology.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: has an awkward for 'assortert' (assorted): Ass.
(Photo taken in local grocery shop by my SO @Siiw)

So, who wants some ass. ?

that is called in , which sounds rather close to the word for : .
I bet there's some shared history there.

physical health (-), medication mention 

I think I just threw my back out while changing clothes...
It's been a while since my back hurt this much...
Fortunately we still had some Naproxen lying around, which I remember helped last time, and once that starts kicking in, I'll go outside for a walk with , as I recall from the last time, keeping in motion is better for this than sitting still...

on HDDs that weren't sufficiently marked as using Device-managed (aka or ), and thus caused issues when used with :

Bloody mosquitoes at yesterday's grill at the ecological farm had a field day apparently...

name for an all-you-can-eat garlic restaurant 

"Buffet the Vampire Slayer"

( I heard in an episode of with )

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Selling a 2 in 1 laptop (Lenovo Yoga 710 11 in.) 

Nice basic convertible laptop with some minor cosmetic blemishes near the trackpad and right edge of the keyboard area from opening up the case and slightly bending the flimsy bezel. 1080p display in good condition and everything functional. 4GB RAM, 120GB ssd. No OS installed. $100

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Selling some gaming handhelds (PSPs) 

I have 2 PSPs that I am selling as I have too many and we are planning on downsizing our living situation in the nearish future.

1. 2000 model PSP in very good condition and already has custom firmware installed. Will include a working battery, memory stick and charger. $60
2. 3000 model PSP in good condition but some wear on the body and scratches on the screen. Will include a working battery, memory stick and USB charge cable. $40

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He recibido unos ejemplares nuevos de Quartet para #MSX. Si te interesa, sale un poco más barato el envío desde España. O si vives cerca de Alicante puedes recoger incluso. DM si interesa!

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The fool train is when you are getting a train at a platform but one going somewhere else (usually an express) arrives first and you get on it without checking (like a fool) and then have to backtrack

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@Shrigglepuss @ljwrites Interesting! And now I realize that the meanings combine in the Dutch "burcht", which can mean both a fortress or an underground animal shelter. And making the connection as well to "bergen", which is a verb that can mean to store/safekeep, to bury, as well as to salvage (a sunken ship).

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