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I did a thing. (GLSL shaders in Terraria!)

Also raymarching of course: (too big to upload it here)

Watching the on makes me wish I could mix and match per character, so American characters can speak and the rest can speak or whatever other appropriate language is available for their nationality.

In general I prefer the original Japanese audio track, but it's weird hearing speak Japanese.

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On Linux, if I create a

#!/usr/bin/env bash exec python "$@"

And then I create an

#!/path/to/ from __future__ import print_function print("asdf")

... that works. On macOS (Sierra, 10.12.6), I get:

from: can't read /var/mail/__future__ ./ line 5: syntax error near unexpected token `"asdf"' ./ line 5: `print("asdf")'

Are you kidding me?? Has shebangs referring to shebangs never worked on macOS? How can anything work? In particular, how has nixpkgs ever worked?

This *must* have worked before. Something weird is going on on my system.
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Super weird.

I am on macOS. bup in nixpkgs is a wrapper that adds the git path and calls .bup-wrapped. Perfectly normal.

.bup-wrapped has a shebang that asks to please run this file with python. Perfectly normal, usually works. The OS or shell tries to run the file with the shell, resulting in "from: can't read /var/mail/__future__" whaat.

So I set some environment variables and call the wrapper with Python explicitly. When it tries to execve a subcommand same thing happens. Super odd.

Executable bits on the files are set.
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Deaf people, do you prefer a video not made originally in sign language have subtitles or an interpreter, or something else? :boost_ok:

Pun: this combination of words was an actress in the Star Wars prequels 

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The literal meaning for the slang term ‘poppycock’ is probably ‘pappy crap’ (from Dutch pappe ‘soft food’ + kak ‘dung’ - deriving from the PIE root *kakka- ‘to defecate’).

Pun: a stuffed animal with razor claws 

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@FiXato something to do with the Viking presence, perhaps. Also the Old English, Old High German, Middle & modern Dutch all seem to share etymology.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: has an awkward for 'assortert' (assorted): Ass.
(Photo taken in local grocery shop by my SO @Siiw)

So, who wants some ass. ?

that is called in , which sounds rather close to the word for : .
I bet there's some shared history there.

physical health (-), medication mention 

I think I just threw my back out while changing clothes...
It's been a while since my back hurt this much...
Fortunately we still had some Naproxen lying around, which I remember helped last time, and once that starts kicking in, I'll go outside for a walk with , as I recall from the last time, keeping in motion is better for this than sitting still...

on HDDs that weren't sufficiently marked as using Device-managed (aka or ), and thus caused issues when used with :

Bloody mosquitoes at yesterday's grill at the ecological farm had a field day apparently...

name for an all-you-can-eat garlic restaurant 

"Buffet the Vampire Slayer"

( I heard in an episode of with )

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