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Vegetarian Food Picture 

Made some fried with onion, added some soy sauce, sambal, black pepper, and leftover , and sprinkled on some crunchy soy-, ginger-, chili- and fried onion-toppings:

Right, the code for my media launcher project now has a (private for now) remote repo too, aptly named .

So, if shit hits the fan (or tea hits the laptop), past week's won't be a waste. ;)

FiXato boosted OMG Yes, Tennant was amazing.

I love that he is such a good actor that I can watch him in anything and my first thought is never "It's the Doctor"!

Just a few minutes in on the first episode of , but I already love 's character, Crowley. :D

Star Trek: Lower Decks, S01E06: Terminal Provocations 

Update on the laptop that got spilled on:



All keys seem to work, though a couple aren't springing back as well as they should; specifically the space bar.
That'll teach me to have sugar in my tea I guess?

I guess I'll try to remove some of these keycaps, if that's possible, and try to clean them.

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I was looking for a specific toot about a leather wallet case someone made that I'd seen a couple of months ago, but instead came across a bunch of interesting posts about making leather from various other materials. :)

(Also came across a whole bunch of NSFW posts regarding , which I guess was to be expected, and which fortunately were using and/or 'sensitive media' flags.)

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An interesting post about the traditional art of making fish skin leather.

"Fish skin leather was once common in fishing communities; now artisans and designers are breathing new life into the tradition."

#Cultures #Traditions #Fish #FishSkin #Leather

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An interesting article about leather made from mushrooms. I'll have to keep an eye on this.

"Mushroom leather is a vegan-friendly material used as a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to animal leather."

#Mushrooms #Leather #Fashion #Clothing #Shoes #Environment

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Does anybody know anything about repairing leather?

This old camera case is coming apart on me, but I'd really like to keep using it.

That crease is supposed to act like a hinge, but it's just breaking apart.

Any suggestions on the best way to fix it?

From "Android 10 New Features Overview: What Is Smart Reply?"
«Unfortunately, as mentioned above, you can't disable or enable Smart Reply, so if you don't like it or don't want to use it, you'll have to just ignore it. That's pretty easy to do though. But the bigger question would be, why don't you like it? Since it does save you some steps, and makes life much easier.»

It's thinking like that that kills settings of ...

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EC, selfie with screaming daemon T-shirt 

With thanks to @mwlucas for the fine threads! :flan_thumbs::flan_hurrah:

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