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dream log, Hitman, Roswell, MSX (long; ~1400 chars) 

I dreamt I was playing an #MSX game which reminded me a lot of the #Hitman series.
Visually it alternated between a isometric perspective like in the Batman game, or #LaAbadíaDelCrimen, with graphics that made me think it was a typical #ZXSpectrum port (though ran a lot smoother than those usually do...).
Bright red, yellow and blue colours used, with red being the most prominent.
You even had two coins you could throw to distract guards. They were supposed to be Polish #złoty, though I noted in the #dream they were incorrectly indicated as #Euro. The coins were dark red and obviously spun around a lot.

One of the levels was supposed to have a hidden ending where you found a #cryostasis unit and had to find a way to thaw and revive those inside. It would turn out they were aliens.

That specific episode was set in the ' #Roswell year', which in the dream I thought was 1943, but I was corrected by another dream character as it having happened in 1946. A quick look on Wikipedia shows both my dream thoughts were wrong, as the #RoswellIncident was in July of #1947.

I was trying to plan the game in my #ParentalHome, with various other people also bringing in their MSX machines, including my late #father. A missed #realityCheck opportunity...

Now I kinda wish such a game existed for the MSX :p

#dreaming #dreams #dreamLog #FiXatoDreams #personal

re: CLI Player Queue progress 

got some more #coding done on #CliPlayerQueue, and I can now easily add channels by name and channel id either via a single #CLI command, or by hitting ctrl+n in the #fzf menu and entering the values when asked for.

Existing feeds can be updated from the menu by a single ctrl+u press.

Filtering is also slightly improved.

At this point it's one thing I can cross off the #ScratchYourOwnItches list. :D

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Google Photos 

Started the download of about 250 GB of photos and videos from #GooglePhotos.
So glad we have #fibreInternet now, so I can just download five 50GiB archives one at a time, rather than 25 ten GiB archives, which then still had the tendency to time-out while downloading...

Once I've verified the archives, and successfully extracted them all (hope I have the spare disk space for that on the missus desktop...), I can tell #Google to reduce the quality to claim back cloud storage space.

Inspired by @benhamill's #WolfShirtWednesday post, here's a snapshot of me wearing my #SonataArctica #wolf #tshirt.

#DailyPhoto #contentWarnings: #selfie, no direct eye-contact from me, as I'm looking towards the banner on the wall behind me, but the wizard drawn on it does kind of look directly at the camera.
And I guess the metal horn hand-sign?

#wolf #wolves #beard #selfies #FiXato #FiXatoBlog

(repost because the (long) image description didn't seem to have gone through from mobile...)

I've created an alt account over at

You can find the re-introduction post at

Once the avatar and other profile data are properly cached (currently I'm showing as a without profile info for some reason, at least from m.s), I'll boost the intro post and import my follows list.

Currently I don't have concrete plans for migrating away from this profile, yet. I first want to explore 's features, and maybe try out other alternatives.

I've created an alt account over at

You can find the re-introduction post at

Once the avatar and other profile data are properly cached (currently I'm showing as a without profile info for some reason, at least from m.s), I'll boost the intro post and import my follows list.

Currently I don't have concrete plans for migrating away from this profile, yet. I first want to explore 's features, and maybe try out other alternatives.

computing, today vs yesteryear, atari st 

this PDF of this book I've been virtually thumbing through on the Atari ST internals is wild through a modern lens.

it was contemporary to the machine itself, so it was for all intents and purposes examining a new thing in as much technical detail as it could. as you'd expect.

then I scroll to page 275 of the PDF and am presented with Section 3.9 - The BIOS Listings - Version 1, which appears to be a full disassembly of the system BIOS along with comments throughout explaining what was (supposed to be) happening on that line

highly secure: can't jailbreak what's already unlocked :blobthinksmart:

if you like to nerd out reading 68000 assembler, this link's for you

the of :
«late 14c., drogge (early 14c. in Anglo-French), "any substance used in the composition or preparation of medicines," from Old French droge "supply, stock, provision" (14c.), which is of unknown origin. Perhaps from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German droge-vate "dry barrels," or droge waere, literally "dry wares" (but specifically drugs & spices), with first element mistaken as indicating the contents, or because medicines mostly consisted of dried herbs.»

Dad joke, gross food 

Seen in random comments on a website: "Don't knock haggis. It gives you a full stomach." :flan_drummer::flan_sick:

Great... 2021 has barely started, and I already have a idea for yet another xD
Of course it's also something that fits my set of ideas...

Fortunately it should be something that's fairly straightforward. (or so I hope... :P)

People complaining once again about the spec limitations of the competition.
So, this year I decided to suggest that those who want to compete with , , or other configurations that don't match the limitations of the , to participate in one of the many out there. :)

Feel free to comment here with your suggestions for events that welcome in their specific compos or . :)

Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you a bit of comfort when you need it ✨

Hmm, something I should experiment with: progress of my to various files, and then using a split layout to tail the various for a more detailed and organised process overview.
Also, update the tmux status bar with a progress indicator.

There are times I wish the lowercase form of my online handle wasn't an verb...

Or that people would consistently spell my name with proper capitalisation, so I could just filter out the lower case results from mentions/highlights in logs and search results.

Fiction that rubs fans the wrong way 


oh my god

“TabFS is a browser extension that mounts your browser tabs as a filesystem on your computer.”

“Now you don't need to code up a browser extension from scratch every time you want to do anything. You can write a script that talks to your browser in, like, a melange of Python and bash, and you can save it as a single ordinary file that you can run whenever, and it's no different from scripting any other part of your computer.”

story of the early Minecraft (2009) 

Back in 2009, at the dawn of Minecraft, I wrote the first-ever custom Minecraft server software, using a small proxy to reverse-engineer the simple and unencrypted networking format. Before that, there was only creative mode client hacks (noclip, fly, superspeed) and simplistic console wrappers ("if !kick appears in chat, send /kick to the server" kinda crap).

My custom server's initial features included the first custom world generation, anti-cheats (no flying! no superspeed! no standing inside solid blocks!), the ability for server mods to turn invisible (to "spectate" new players), red player names for admins, and the ability to save/load multiple maps on the fly, (hopefully) without disconnecting anyone.

Initially everyone was thrilled and I was heralded as the "Minecraft Hacking God", but when I planned to release the software publicly for free and open-source, the community forum moderator suddenly did a 180 and threatened to ban me, taking issue with the fact that users would be able to program their own minigames before the official survival multiplayer came out.

"You're stealing money from Notch", they claimed, thinking that a quick 'n dirty Counter-Strike style "Zombies" game mode would be somehow equivocal to the premium "official" mobs that would soon follow, which included zombies as a staple, and therefore nobody would have a reason to buy the full version of the game anymore.

So instead of releasing the software for free, publicly, on the Minecraft forums... I just left my email address and told everyone to send me $10 if they want it.

A few people eagerly bought it. They didn't know how to mod it, so they sent it to the first person they encountered who claimed to be able to program. Then those people, perhaps not realizing this was paid software, would run it themselves and also freely give it away to literally anyone who joins their server and asks.

Thus, it spread like wildfire, and I only made like 10 sales total, which I almost entirely re-invested buying the game for myself and a few friends.

This is the event that started the entire modding trend for Minecraft, in general. My original server software was succeeded by a Python script, and then eventually Bukkit.

Later, Notch hired the entire Bukkit dev team to form his "Mojang" company, when he finally decided to stop working as a solo developer. Then he made a cool 2 billion dollars selling the company.

I did the opposite of steal money from Notch. Fuck.


Used up the remainder of the batter to deep-fry the last of the apple slices I didn't get to on . :)

Now a bit nauseous from eating several...

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