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A brief for the of former users:
I'm Filip, online better known as or FiX

Current interests:
· ( in particular) and various other / topics such as the .
· and
· and casual
· and other content
· novels.
· Drinking interesting , beer in particular.

is an interesting solution for sharing your pronouns in your profile:
It gives some useful usage examples, also some less common / .

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Hmm, so apparently wasn't renewed for a second season.
Oh well, at least the cliffhanger could've been worse.

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This is a fantastic read if you're working with shell scripts:

Filenames and Pathnames in Shell: How to do it Correctly (and how not to):

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If the world's tallest mountain has been climbed by everyone and their uncle, why are they even bothering? It seems so dumb. Why go through so much effort and face so much danger to do something so utterly unoriginal? Ugh, I guess this same question can be asked of every extreme sportsperson, skater or parkourist ever. Some kind of thrill they get. But this is still the dumbest photo I've ever seen.

I've started watching on . It's clear this series is based on a novella; I'm 2 episodes in and already several characters have been killed off 🤔🤣

Time to fold some laundry while is on the floor, playing with his keyboard.

Let's see if actually will stay asleep long enough now for me to get at least some more hours of undisturbed sleep...
He's woken up crying several times throughout the night so far and I really don't feel like singing the lullaby again tonight...

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Misleading. I read it and it turns out you have to be dead first before they will compost you. Bullshit.

Fans of should watch the recent episode "The Duck Knight Returns" of the reboot!
I wouldn't be surprised if this leads to a DW reboot spinoff series too.

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To all blind Android users: The #Tusky Mastodon client has been updated to version 6.0 and brings a big step forward in usability with TalkBack. Toots in most timelines are now single entities, and they have actions for replying, boosting, accessing profiles, links and other tapable items within a toot. This means that going from toot to toot only takes one swipe now instead of 5 to sometimes more than 10 in previous versions. Happy tooting!

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Of course, Google will now shut down GSuite due to this leak. That's what it did to Google+ right? ;-)

#Security #Passwords #Privacy

Oh, that's a nice hidden feature in @tom79 : long press the 'load more messages' button and it will keep loading toots till there are none left to fetch. That sure saves me quite a bit of tapping when I want to catch up on my entire TimeLine since I last checked it.

While I'm enjoying the rebooted , I do feel like they made too much of a flailing failure. The original wasn't that obsessed with stupid schemes to kill and instead was quite good at trying to beat Scrooge to the punch in their adventures.
This seems to have no adventuring spirit and is too much of a comedic character to even come close to beating to becoming the richest duck...

Apparently season 8 of was supposed to start with the Defiant exploding with still on board, and running ?

I knew I'd find a purpose for some of the wooden planks that have been taking up space in our storage.
I turned a into a makeshift ramp and use some extra planks from al old bed frame to reinforce it. That should hopefully make it easier to get our pram up the doorstep and in/out of our home.
Feels good to hack together a solution using materials that otherwise had gone to waste.

Should stock up on some more nails and screws though...

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