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*Blinked out of existence*

Β«Dear Doctor,
be careful where you creep
because it looks like your end might be near,
for two of the enemies you fear,
seem to have mated
and this is what they've created.
In silence we shall forever weep.Β»

A written by me over 6 years ago, inspired by 's piece "I've forgotten why I shouldn't blink" depicting a with the face of one of :Β

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A brief for the of former users:
I'm Filip, online better known as or FiX

Current interests:
Β· ( in particular) and various other / topics such as the .
Β· and
Β· and casual
Β· and other content
Β· novels.
Β· Drinking interesting , beer in particular.

@FiXato Halloween was not generally done in Australia, but after 50+ years of American TV and Movies, it's starting to get quite a foothold, esp. in the retail space.

As for mid-winter, some people do "Christmas in July" but there's nothing official, and it's not widespread.

The traditions of the harvest cycle never really made it to Australia, since by the time free settlement took hold, it was well into the Victorian era and Industrialisation.

@FiXato Yeah pretty much all the major celebrations are at the wrong time of year for us, if you consider their origins. Easter for instance, is a spring celebration in the northern hemisphere, but is in Autumn here. Halloween, originally a celebration to ensure a safe winter, is in Spring here heading for Summer, and Christmas/Yule is the height of summer.

However, tradition (mostly European settlers) and Global media ensure we stay in sync with the Northern Hemisphere.

Gah! In I needed just a single hit with one of the more rare items, the for one of my .
So, I finally got not just 1 of them, but 3 in a single spin, triggering a time-limited . Great, huh? Nope... I was so far ahead of the pack, that I couldn't get near any of the opponents to actually use it! ><

"the company knew for decades that some of its own and independent tests had detected asbestos in itsΒ products; J&JΒ also took steps to conceal these results from the public as well as the FDA, Reuters reported."

This is frustrating.

First they come for search.
Then they come for e-mail.
Then they come for mobile.
Then they come for your home.
Then no privacy is left.
Then we lose.

#Google #Privacy

You shouldnβ€˜t wash your hair with conditioner after a nuclear disaster: conditioner contains cationic surfactants, which bind to radioactive particles and can trap them in your hair.

I'm thinking of heading to the local Lempel-Ziv-Welch resort to decompress for a while.

For around 12 years I have been taking these kind of photos for myself to use as my own desktop wallpapers. Now I've been wondering, others might enjoy this. Would you be interested if I shared this collection?

> ... and I said "when we use these rhythm sticks, that's percussion, and if you clap your hands, that could even be percussion!" and one kid said quietly to themselves "and if you hit yourself in the head, that's a CONcussion!" and I'm still laughing about it a day later

Humorous story from an acquaintance:
> I am in the midst of two weeks of substitute music teaching with a bunch of classes of 4th and 5th graders, and we've been talking (among other things) about families of orchestral instruments, using "Peter and the Wolf" as an entry point. yesterday I was explaining that "percussion" is basically the fancy orchestra word for "instruments that you play by hitting them" ...

I thought I needed one more for this year's , but it looks like I've already completed the challenge with my four PRs :)
I'll see if I can do a couple more over the next few days; ideally to some more related projects, but I'm glad I have this checked off the list. :D
They might be minor documentation changes, but it still feels good to have contributed *something*.

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