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Yuri Witch Allie @Fidgetcetera

@Efi *hugs* i had to run this through google translate, i couldn't pick out any of that ;;

@Efi i learned tiny bits of spanish in school!
not enough to confidently say anything haha

don't forget your medicines... <3

...i hope that friend isn't an asshole today. she was a good band nerd.

when i was younger and didn't know ANYTHING about sex or masturbation, a friend described cookies as an "orgasm in her mouth" and it used to confuse me a lot

lewd feels

i'm very glad to have a magic wand

lessons learned today: UEFI SUCKS

@Efi i was using mint but i changed my mind. then while installing i broke grub because the thing i used to make a bootable usb made it only bootable in uefi. 'twas a hellish nightmare

hello mastodon i'm on ubuntu now

fucking nouveau. unplugged all but one monitor and everyone's happy as can be now.

@blacklemon67 that makes sense, considering I run a 980 ti
worked on mint with nouveau, but only gave me one monitor there

what's going on here, you ask? yeah me too

boost this toot if you're gay and also find ion thrusters fascinating and maybe wonder about what one would taste like

"installing Ubuntu is an easy process as it's a refined OS for less experienced users" - someone, probably.

@theoutrider is it s7 or note 7? cause the S7 just had batteries die quickly, note actually exploded lmao

@soft_chomps haha gosh what silly person would awoo ever

@confusedcharlot aww
i don't reply to you enough but you're cool ^u^