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That's better, now I can type like I have some sense.


Alright, here we go: Ranking of Coens Show more

watching an episode of The Dick Cavett Show from 1971 with Orson Welles and golly he was so handsome and charming. and that voice 😍

Honestly who would pretend to be someone who's famous on Mastodon as a joke?

Okay my sincere #introduction is you should follow me if you like wrestling, video games, and anime where characters spend a lot of time "charging up". Go follow @FilmCritHulk for my movie takes.

His name is actually Friendly Krueger, but everyone kept running away from him 😔 really makes you think alot about socity

It still bugs me that in the Tim Burton Batman films Bruce Wayne wore glasses. That's gimmick infringement on Clark Kent.

@FilmCritHulk As penance for this toot I have watched "The Dead Pool". Not the superhero movie, the Dirty Harry one.

Batman vs. Superman Ultimate Edition with text commentary by @garfiald please

@FilmCritHulk so you have to imagine - a crowd of innocent people - having never sene neil breen films - watching double down, i am - and THEN fateful findings. people were screaming, crying, throwing small objects at the tv. it was mayhem.

the scene in interstellar where matthew mcconaughey watches he watches the message, except its people on knzk getting their toots 12 hours late

if nothing else, it's good to know that i can switch back without pausing to post this and not risk on missing out anything interesting or good

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