Also the PSP screen is REALLY small, even compared to my small smartphone so i just play psp games on PC these days...

oh man I am excited for this mobile phone my sister bought for me

can't wait!

Whenever people meet me in real life the only time they really involve themselves with me is when I have utility to them.

Last meets I went to before covid people got really interested in my art and 3d modeling... because they wanted me to do things for them.

Don't think anyone really wanted to socialize with me outside that. I gotta do better and be a more fun interesting person and not just be seen as a vending machine or something


Whenever people show me empathy and friendliness I don't know what to do.

I feel completely out of my element. Maybe I got some sort of mental problem.

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No matter the social media and community I've always felt like a total outsider to everyone and everything.

Just inoffensively exist.

I kinda wish I could be a little better than that! But I just don't pull myself up to that level for some reason.

Why do people in furry communities like the word degenerate so much

Cryptocurrencies waste massive amounts of resources and energy and provide no tangible meaningful benefit to society.

Look I talk a lot of shit about autodesk but blender wouldn't be as good as it is right now if it wasn't for them.

hacking the mastodon main frame and making it play "who let the smurfs out" on repeat

Hello sporadic reminder to get out of there grrrh

It's closing by the end of the year, so in less than 35 days

Migration of account and creation of archives takes time

here's my hot take
sonic 3d blast fucking sucks
it blows ass
and it only gets worse the longer you play

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