this case fan is rattling so much, it sounds like i have a little drill under my desk

why I hate art: It makes me face the reality of how much of a utter and total fraud I am

holy fuck no wonder every digital painter has massive RSI damage, painting digitally is really really hard on your hands compared to traditional

Like I have my reservations about cancel culture and how it can be used as a bludgeon to silence and fuck with disadvantage/less privileged people. But I'd rather have a little cancel culture than let, for example, the smash community be a pedophilia powerhouse.

Maybe I should start buying art outside outside the west, the money I pay gets the artist more 'mileage' out of my money.

Because let's be real, a lot of western artists underpay themselves relative to the cost of living and rather than underpay for work, I'll just pay where my money is actually useful.

everything is so industry leading super cool enterprise solution

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Me: I wanna make a static site generator... hmm

the internet: Ah here's ruby, here's npm, here's nodejs aaaaand jenkins and docker on top

Me: ok actually I'll stick to notepad thank you

My new book is out, get it at any galactic bookshop near zeta-5 major! Ghost written by all my friends who love me so much I had enough material to make a whole book out of it. Get a glimpse into how it feels being adored and loved by absolutely everyone!

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