Also why do they have spear holders if they just run up to you and get bodied anyway

More enemies = more fun????

Atleast destroying trynnies isn't too hard.

Wizardry 8.

Retooted two pics from a recent trip to uppsala/stockholm.

oh god im on .social

i was showing someone how mastodon works this isn't my usual instance

have a doodle

I like making art and videos but it just feels it ain't up to snuff for me. Or other people. it's annoying all right. I'll try harder tomorrow!

3 hours worth of streaming later and this WIP appears! Feast your eyes on the water desalination plant!

It'll become something more in the future so consider this super WIP. Except the horizontal platforms, they're TOO GOOD.

I just really want a pet like a dog or a cat but... it's too expensive for me. I couldn't bear continued cost of a pet.

And once I get a job that pays me well enough to have a pet... I won't have time for it. Now that sucks.

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