Seeing leftists fight each other makes me sad. Maybe that's why I'm always sad.

@sonya @FinalOverdrive Profits from ad-driven revenue models don't count, because ads don't actually work. The advertising industry is, essentially, an extremely long-lived bubble suspended by lack of transparency. Eventually advertising will collapse because sufficiently detailed oversight will exist -- taking down anything with an ad-based revenue model with it.

Mastodon is not a fail animal. Mastodon is a win animal. And seeing the last Mastodon go extinct should make one shed a single manly tear.

@rechelon I love the way you point out how this new batch of fascists reserves a special hatred for us individualist anarchists.

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@rechelon I loved your review of Against the Fascist Creep. Exactly the kind of careful reading it needed. I love how you don't miss the point. Everyone should read that book, short comings aside.

I'm genuinely surprised at how different the mindfeel of a 500 character limit microblog is. It requires an attention span and encourages a longwindedness that twitter definitely didn't.

But mostly I'm dismayed by the fact that mechanical constraints don't give rise to a natural verse structure — a chunky intellectualizing prose-poetry emerged naturally from and became immediately intelligible on Twitter. Mastodon may become florid and vain in contrast.

Not that that couldn't itself be cool.

It's weird because anarchy is so distorted in the popular lexicon but any academic text I read, even liberal ones, at least define it right

@puellavulnerata @0xdeadbabe I wanted to give you a long overdue apology for what happened before on Twitter. With your permission, may I follow you two?

There are people I want to follow on here...that have me blocked on twitter for shit I did in the past. I'm not like that anymore, and want to network with them.

A bunch of illusions we'll all have to cast aside in the coming years.

The fact is, once investors realize it's impossible to make money on the internet, Silicon Valley and Redmond are going to become ghost towns. The election of Donald Trump, with his rhetoric of boosting national manufacturing, will also spell doom for Redmond and Silicon Valley. Neo-industrial capitalism, the bunker state, the mainstreaming of fascism...yeah, I'm going to be pretty fucking political and leftist. Places like this will become important. But later, I'll discuss more.

For one thing, given the previous pattern with Silicon Valley's nonsense (dotcom boom), Twitter and other social networks will likely go under in a matter of time. Why? Because it's impossible to actually make money on social networks no matter how much personal information they sell. However, like with the previous dotcom crash, the real thing crawled out of the wreckage. Blogs, Wikipedia, podcasts, early youtube.

So, given everything that Mastodon offers, I think we can put up with a few crashes and instability, or even help reduce the incidents of it. Those who don't know how, helping Mastodon with stuff like providing more servers or code can be a learning experience.

Guys: Mastodon is not run by an overcapitalized POS company. It's a bunch of servers run by a small group of volunteers. And they have created a network that, in character count alone, surpasses bird site.

It also took almost a year or two until said bird site went beyond the phase when the fail whale was a daily thing so, really, I think Mastodon is doing fine for something ran by a bunch of volunteers right now.

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Ppl judging how Mastodon "failed" in a matter of days definitely didn't remember how the bird site grew (if they were even here), it took YEARS for the bird site to reach critical (mainstream) mass. Slow and steady.

Mastodon might have a chance at surviving if we can get organizations like universities, labs & non-profits running their own instances.

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