I write the date on a lot of documents at work, so I've just been giggling to myself for writing 6/9 all day.

CW: racism 

@helldude Not only is it possible, it's encouraged.

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@yuri56 Nazis are bad and I do not want to give them a platform for recruiting.

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folks i'm gonna be real honest with you...

i NEED this Mastodon thing to take off because i just ordered 80,000 of these bumper stickers from the printer, and i can't afford to be caught holdin' my junk if this whole thing fizzles.

please consider my personal commercial interests when choosing a social media platform, thk u!

Since Contrapoints has not graced us with her presence on here, I'd like to share her most recent video.

All her work is brilliant, but this one is exceptional.


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here’s to:

-a new online website

but most importantly

-the mother effin weekend


@sock_puppet_sam Imagine being such a bootlicker that you can't help but talk your way out of a 50k cashier job.

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@thatcosmonaut damn, I just saw my chance to post that Starship Troopers gif, had no idea who you were. I really loved Hyper Light Drifter.

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Could everyone good from twitter please migrate to mastodon? All the people who post bad tweets can stay where they are. Thanks.

@GigaGiffy The difference though is that bethany esda is objectively hilarious and doesn't hurt anyone.

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