I found it. The most "brogrammer" website I have ever seen.



it's glooooriooouuss

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The reaction of #SGDQ2017 to Notch donating $10,000 was priceless and if anyone didn't see it you're missing out.


But I have been taking advantage of my traitorous nature by purchasing a subscription to Photoshop. Hurray, I'm free of GIMP!

So I've been pretty much a 100% Linux user for about 15 years now. However in the past few weeks I've made an almost complete defection to Windows.

My decision is based purely on Unity's Linux editor being utter garbage and constantly crashing.

For all my non-Unity dev work I'm running an Arch Linux VM, which is performing admirably.

Thanks cygwin giving me a lot of my command line tools back it's been mostly painless but I'm amazed that I've done this. Turns out turning 30 made me practical.

Sat there very confused for a minute as a tried to work out why RPG Maker Fes refused to let me type "Ghost Watch" in a sentence.

Ghost Watch
ghos twat ch

Fine example of The Scunthorpe Problem right there.

Trying out subway tooter because I'm sick of Tusky crashing every time I post.. Also multiple account support hurray.

It's ugly as sin, the very definition of functional. But at this point that's a step up from Tusky.

@ekaitz_zarraga aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah literal nightmare

If you're a tech recruiter you could be better than every single other one of you by replying to my e-mails. That's all you need to do.

I really hate tech recruiters. They are some of the most rude and impersonal group of people I have ever interacted with. I've never had an overall good experience with one in 12+ years of working in tech.

My cool desktop picross/nonograme game PixelPics is 50% off for the itch.io summer sale!


Cool, it's proper cheap.

@LogicalDash I'm a huge fan of the environmental menus from like Wing Commander and Freespace.

give 👏 everyone 👏 tools 👏 to 👏 make 👏 games

Well this looks exciting! fuze.co.uk/nintendo-switch.htm
A kid-friendly programming environment for writing games on the Switch!

Two 3DS titles coming out this week that I'm super hyped for:

RPG Maker Fes: A portable version of the long running game maker. I'm absolutely freaking out over the prospect of every 3DS owner being able to get hold of a tool for making games!

Ever Oasis: An ultra cute mix of town builder and action RPG. The demo is on the eShop. It's really fun and beautiful. Did I mention cute? It's soooo cute! Chibis everywheeereeeeeeee!

@dajbelshaw@social.coop G) all of the above

don't be rude, put your e3 presentation chat behind content warnings

@andlabs not putting that shit behind a content warning is just rude

I made a change to a bunch of code that triggered some compiler errors in my unit tests and Unity's test runner decided that all those tests still passed and gave them green ticks.
The compiler errors are dumped to the console but this isn't so immediately recognisable when you have a bunch of tests that throw errors as part of your testing, they look identical.
Lol Unity. mastodon.social/media/-d4FyRVd

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