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👋 @Fiona I really do need to spend more time on mastodon now all the coolest people like you and @alice are here. 😀

I think writing unit tests before you write the implementation is objectively better, but I'm really bad at taking my own advice there.

Write as much code as you can as black boxes so you can write unit tests for them. I've never written a class I then wrote unit tests for that I didn't find a bug or two in.

Yes there are plenty of places you can write unit tests in games! Almost all systems can be distilled into a manipulatable data structure. How your game code interacts with and uses them is testable.

For instance I have a heavily tested class that manages day/night/time progression. Also my item & inventory management.

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I'm planning to write a simple game engine from scratch. Goal is to have as few dependencies as possible.

I think I finally know enogh math / cs to do it. I don't have any working code base yet. But I've already started to put things together, and it is going really well so far :--)


I will be using this account to post game dev and general development things.

Wifey @alice started a new masto instance over at
It's a town for queers! Zero tolerance policy on dickheads. Why not help up build the gayest town around? I'm

this "cyber attack" hysteria is somehow like the millennium bug in 2017

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My fun and/or in rough order - share yours with me

Comics: Giant Days, Lumberjanes, Goldie Vance, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel

Webcomics: Scary Go Round, Paranatural, Dumbing of Age

Cartoons: Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, We Bare Bears, Star vs. the Forces of Evil

TV: My Brother, My Brother and Me; iZombie

YouTube: Polygon (shows: Monster Factory, Touch the Skyrim, Car Boys)

*doo bee do-da dooby doo doo* ... wasn't me *da doo bee do-da dooby doo doo* ... wasn't me *doo bee do-da dooby doo doo* ... wasn't me

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Only just started rewatching the rock aaaaand.. Is this the best/worst gravestone ever? There's no matching one! "her husband" is still alive!!

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4yr old boy:*picks barbie kinder egg"
mum:"why can't you pick this one?" *passes 'boy' egg*
boy:*puts it back, keeps barbie egg*
mum:*sigh* ok!

I badly wanted to give this kid a thumbs up.

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just like a nintendo switch amirite hah hah hah

when you really want a thing but have literally no idea what you'd do with it

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