I got loads of Amazon vouchers for my b/day so I treated myself to some Bose STFU wireless headphones. Fucking hell, I wish these were around when our kids were younger!

Tried Doom VR tonight. DO NOT LIKE TELEPORTING. Nope, not for me. So, I turned it off and yikes, pass the sick bucket! Then I tried Trackmania VR - 30 seconds into the first track and I nearly vomited over my wife. Not ideal :)

Also wish they'd make a Lego city 2. What a brilliant game the first was. So many hours my kids have poured into that.

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Only just found out that there's a new Lego Star wars game coming out in October. Me and the kids love the Lego games so this is an instant buy. Please don't hate me :)

Love our Ninty Switch, but the fucking Joy-con's are a joke! Bought a second set 3 weeks ago and they're drifting worse than the original ones. Shittest bit of hardware I've ever had from the big N. =/

Seriously no fucking idea where I can put that. Balls.

Wow. My son is literally screaming at the top of his voice at the new Horizon PS5 game. Zero Dawn is his all time fave :)

Wifey: "Why does this stupid TV remote never fk'n work!?!?!?!?!"

Me: "Because you keep putting stupid ass teddies in front of the IR receiver!

Wifey: "Don't you fk'n IR wifebeater me - just make it work ffs!"

Me: /gets up and grabs said teddies and chucks them over ... THERE

Wifey: "TV works, but you're an evil fk'r and will be tortured for the rest of your life"

Me: "Don't worry love - being married to you is torture enough"

Me - amazed I'm still here to type this

I mean, even restarting it I end up with the same. And the download stats are just as funny:

That itch.io mega super duper bundle thing is absolutely insane. Some completely lovely stuff in there and... a lot of "Cassette 50" style stuff. But that makes it even more brilliant! Can't wait to dip into oddities like "Wet Cigarette". :D

Love the write-up on this:


Tic-Tac-Toe implemented using a single printf statement in C.

Why am I suddenly receiving lots of spam emails from LinkedIn? I opted out of all notifications years ago.

Dig into settings and - oh, hello - they've re-enabled everything again. Also, my LinkedIn "inbox" is crammed full of them offering me "1 month premium!".

Fucking hate LinkedIn and their privacy policy sucks arse. I'd delete the account but dayjob seems to insist we all have one. Naff.

And in other news - Signal from Tolva is only £3.74 on the Steams. Go grab it :)

Something did cross my mind with all this idiotic relaxing of lockdown measures... Right now, the UK government are trialing new vaccines. Without lots of people wandering around with the virus we'll never know if they work or not! If the infection rate drops then how do you test a vaccine without deliberately infecting people with it? Maybe it's just me, but I would imagine there's a little bit of this thinking at No. 10! =/

I hope those astronaughties have got Netflix or something on those touchscreen control panels in the SpaceX thingumy. Also, touchscreen controls! Bollocks to going into space with a (no doubt) Windoze based OS running stuff. Yikes.

"Hi. Heard from a friend that you can make games! We can pay you $500 to make a mobile game like Fortnite".

Seriously - off you fuck.

Wifey asking why dog is always sat near her when she's eating - I tried explaining that she's the one that regularly feeds him and gives him treats. Hence, she's the "Dinner Lady". That didn't go down too well and I got a slap. Truth hurts :)

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