Had a bit of a shit couple of days and needed a pick-me-up. Just re-watched Spider Man - Into the Spider Verse.

Bloody brilliant. Bloody bloody brilliant. I hope they do more like this as it reminds me of reading the comics as a kid and loving every bit of it.

Fuck me. Took dog for a walk and there were loads (15+) people going into a house, presumably to celebrate Dewali. FFS you idiots. Only reason I feel like reporting them is because my daughter is in the same class as one of the children there.

Seriously annoyed. Don't know what to do. Grrrrr

Fucking hell. JUST got this email from Kickstarter. I don't believe I ever raised this - I honestly can't remember as it was from SEVEN YEARS AGO! But wow, great decision too Kickstarter. Fuck me.

So the headteacher at kids' school has come down with Covid-19 and the school remains open. How long until more teachers and all the kids come down with it since he mixed with all years.

They should close the school, but nope - some wishy washy excuse that he wasn't near anybody as he was offsite for the past few days. Erm, and the rest? F F S !

Keeping lad at home. Fuck this for a game of covid soldiers. Nope.

What a pleasant surprise The Queen's Gambit turned out to be. Definitely recommended.

@korruptor yes, lots of spelling mistakes in there - I'm on my phone and phones hate me. :)

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With everything having such a negative impact on everything these days I've found my music choices moving in odd directions.

Recently I'm embracing more Parov Stelar for whatever reason. Voodoo Sonic Trilogy (pt 3) is cracking stuff!

Best part of it is that wife and kids are enjoying it and get up a piss around dancing - great fun.

Would actually love to head @korruptor mix it up a bit too ;-)

Booked in for a tattoo in January. Ages away but everywhere so booked up. Actually can't wait. Been ages since I did something properly for me.

So universities are now cancelling all placements for paramedic students. They're concerned of the risk students post to paramedics saving lives.

That's fine - but I fucking well hope there's some government plan to fund an additional year of studies for those affected (in any sector). Because seriously, how can a paremedic learn their skills without being hands on.

It's both a relief for me (daughter at uni) and a frustration.

This year is fucked up.

@RobF If you hadn't noticed Mr. Roberts has sent you a bunch of DRM keys for the Switch. Probably in an email :)

Have fun :)

According to Next UK this is the look "I need right now"...

Off you fuck with that thanks.

I quite like the fact that my mobile phone is incapable of running the Covid tracking app thingumy. I'm quite happy it's shit slow and rubbish and laughed at. Because I know that anybody trying to hack it/track it/follow it/whatevs will have to wait hours whilst it pages a few k of memory. So off you fuck with $$$ iPhone nextythings. Nope. Also Apple ecosystem sucks areseholes.

/me not mincing words.

How many times can you say "off you fuck", "fuck off", "get fucked", "fuck you sideways", "no fucking way"... etc... to a single piece of code in one day?

Lost count hours ago. Still doesn't FUCKING WORK!

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