Oh look. New Apple stuff. More expensive things that will look pretty in my cupboard full of other Apple stuff that is now defunct and useless. Nah fuck off. Not spending another penny on Apple.

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Been working on a little game. It’s getting close to being ready. soexcite!

Dodgy Rocks: crazy high-speed endless arcade thing-dodging in an 8-bit style!

Head on over to itch for a looky:


That so reminds me of @RobF 's style that I reckon he designed the overlay for extra glows back in the 80's :D

awoooga awoooga awoooooooga ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT! Feature creep inbound. 7.30pm and too many people are saying ADD THIS/THAT/THE-OTHER.

Don't stress folks. I'm on holiday for two weeks at the end of this week so feature creep means fuck all to me \o/ :D

Fucking hell. Just insured our new dog. What a piss take these days :(

3x the price of mine n wife's life insurance and if he dies we don't get mortgage paid for FFS. Not fair.

In other news, it's Friday and I have Monday and Tuesday as holiday so I can spend time with our new puppy!

Starting to lose the plot with these guys. Joined this endeavour on good faith as a "stupid cheap" helping hand. Feel like I'm being flogged by the old school master. Hey ho

And then there's the "Do you think you could do that differently? Maybe XPW instead of ABC? Or maybe try doing HFU instead of XYZ?" No. How about you try "FU" instead because it's just knackered and I've spent hours trying to prove it's you that's wrong and not me. Fix it FFS. A R G H !

The problem with playing around with New Hardware is that it's "New". Which basically means it's shockingly hard to get to grips with and there's no help on the interwobbles whatsoever. Not helped by NDA's up the wazoo. Oh, and then when you know you have it right and tell the hardware guys they're wrong - you get shot down. And then everything goes quiet when they realise "oh, he might be right".

Ooh... New Nintendo game for my phone! Install.... waits, waits, waits.... Loading... Loading... Nope. No access to Dr Mario world. Try again. No. Try again. No. Ad infinitum. Bah. Why are all the interesting "play whilst on the bog" games buggered. I can only drag this poo out for so long y'know Mr Nintendo!

I wouldn't mind but I spent hours finding a SCART lead to attach an old VHS recorder up to said TV so we can watch movies together. And they say this generation of kids hasn't got a clue!

So I stick an old TV into the new log cabin. Along with old consoles and home computers. Newest thing is a PS3 stuck into the crappy TV. Everybody moaning about Old Skool. 9 yr old daughter sits watching Netflix on said TV using PS3 - "What? You didn't know how to do this?" I am no longer tech-savvy.

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Me staring at emails.... Sees email from Atari... pre-order now.... $389.99. At this point, I fell off my chair and suddenly a bowl of petunias and a sperm whale appeared.

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You think you're cool, but you're not goth girl with a raven on the subway cool.

So, Good Omens... Loved it! What a great year for TV so far! Chernobyl and now this. Oh, and Season 5 of Black Mirror has just landed. New Stranger Things better be good is all I can say :)

Note to self: Don't be a silly twat and eat a pack of refreshers before bed ever again. It's almost 5am and still wide awake!

Next thing I'll release in the same way is a mash-up of Defender and Moon Patrol (and a bit of Dropzone too). So if you're interested in how to make a Defender style game, that will help :)

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