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This is my music channel guys, feel free to follow and heart me!

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I often feel that most people won't give you the time of the day. And when you try to go above and beyond for them you don't feel appreciated. Sometimes even jaded.

There has never been a time in my life that I've been so financially unhappy =(

fundraising for yourself is the hardest shit..

On sale on my Ko-fi page to support me on my Journey! I do except all currencies btw and clothing is made in USA. 30 for shirts plus shipping and jackets are 50 plus shipping.


I know have some merch to help out with the fundraising, this also spreads the word about Siriranya Chulalakkul new project Under secret. A brand that explains the no shame policy she is bringing to the trans world in Thailand for her upcoming pageant

In 2022, I would really love to fufill my goals here. Gender disphoria is not a jk. I often feel bad about it, especially when my partner is like a stunning trans model. Breast Augmentation cost, and it would it mean the world if you all can support me

Hey all!
Please follow me on my Odyssey account for more awesome videos. Yes I"m picking decentralized everything for this account.


I only have 24 subs, Mastodon fam please help me out and sub to my channel it would mean the world! Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to you all!

If there is one thing I want this Christmas which I'll be spending Christmas Eve alone..

is for someone to buy my

This is my newest one but I have more to come. I'm actually pretty broke now days so this would be a big help.

Friends! please follow on Odyssey, especially if you are part of that community =)

Hey everyone, it just happens to be giving Tuesday, Christmas coming up and my birthday as well. I've created a Ko-fi for people to donate to help support my transition from M-F. This has been a long year and I figured I would conclude it by asking for some help. I will be using my ko-fi as well to update you all on my transition and as well my projects that I have coming up. Thank you all for your support

That moment when your so unbelievably hungry that your stomach hurts, but you ask yourself why is it like this because it’s not you’ve never fasted before

Wow ans Wendy's won the fast food pole. An acceptable answer ( clap hands like a golfer)

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