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Hello All!
To all that like my work, I also have a merch store that revolves around art. In a lot of my designs. I worked with my wonderful Trans model and fashion designer friend Sauce. I welcome you all to check the items I have so far. =)

If there are any scientist here. I'm praying that IVG comes around in the next 3 to 5 years. I want a be a trans parent

They are currently alpha testing but definitely need new joiners to help test!

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Please come join this non Profit that is helping people around the world and science!

I think this is as far I'm going to go with love. A partnership based on support and trust. and yearning sense of care from a certain side

I must have to say, that sometimes, loving somebody isn't about having them love you as much, but you having to love them much more.

The fact that after the Signal app boom, no addition of my friends was added to signal app, only means non my friends care about privacy.. Just wonderful lol

So shape shift is now decentralized hells yeah! True crypto revolution

When the social media boom of centralized brain washing platforms such as facebook and many others puts it's gears in full force. Things like this will happen.

What makes the not as tech savvy want to join Mastodon. I feel the people that come to join here are aware of privacy and data, are coders or programmers, or are invited my a special friend. I don't see any Instagram models ( Pixel Fed models should be a thing haha ) here. I hardly see any Onlyfan girls being retooted here on my feed.

Who here is always super horny and finds it hard because masterbation isn't satisfying enough, covid has halted your physical interactions with people. And cause we actually need some kind of touch from someone else, like human touch we are suffering?

Randomly remembered in 2020 bel delphine did actual porn. People are honestly staying true.

Being part of the Fediverse feels like being part of John wicks secret society of assassin's lol. Not too many but not too little.

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