the smallest & cruelest lie that capitalism has ingrained in this country is that "choice" is more important than justice, equality, access, compassion

"Prefiguring the #counterculture of the 1960s, #Esalen germinated the “#HumanPotential Movement” and attracted many of the most high-profile #freethinkers of the era including #Huxley, #Maslow, #Campbell, #AlanWatts, #FritzPerls, #Naranjo and #Bateson."

But then..
“We started off from the beginning, there was to be no #gurus. No one captures the flag.”

#Esalen: America and the #Religion of No Religion”

Wait, Mastodon supports audio only posts now, right? And you can also subscribe to a Mastodon account through RSS, right? 🙂 Would that be a valid podcast you could add to a podcast client? 🤔😊

#Podcast #Mastodon #MastoDev #FOSS

Climate Collapse 

Enclosure of the commons.

"between 1760 and 1870, about 7 million acres (about one sixth the area of England) were changed, by some 4,000 acts of parliament, from common land to enclosed land".

In 2010, Eben Moglen made a bold claim:

"Mr. Zuckerberg has attained an unenviable record: he has done more harm to the human race than anybody else his age."

And people laughed.

But it turned out to be a prophetic claim.

📺Full video here:

Doing the right thing (especially for yourself) doesn’t mean people won’t be upset.

People being upset doesn’t mean it’s not the right thing to do.

Bonus brain-melter: you might be doing the right thing for yourself and you might be the one who is upset about it, and that doesn’t change any of the above.

Despite a persistent legend, the Chromium web browser is strongly tight with many Google services, and thus is *NOT* ungoogled.
In /e/OS we are using a fully ungoogled Chromium web browser.
On Linux, Mac and Windows, you can use "ungoogled- chromium":


Sep 11, 1973: Pinochet coup in Chile.
September 11 is not just the day of the attack on the twin towers of New York. But it is also the day of the coup in Chile occurred 46 years ago when the military, with the support of the United States, ousted the regularly elected president in 1970, Salvador Allende, to replace him with the military Augusto Pinochet. After the Allende's death, Pinochet takes power and establishes a violent dictatorship that lasts until 1990. Allende had implemented the agrarian reform and had nationalized various productions and raw materials such as copper, then Chile suffered a boycott by the US. Henri Kissinger said: "I don't see why we should stay and watch while a country becomes communist because of the irresponsibility of its people. The question is too important for Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves".
#chile #pinochet #allende #golpe #usa

Hey Mastodon... What are good accounts or servers to follow for indie/serious film talk? I.e. Not just the most prevalent action franchises, superheroes and fantasy stuff.

@anatta Hey man... I signed up with your instance yesterday but it's still 'pending review'. Currently pressing my face to the window and calling in through the letterbox. If you get five minutes could you kindly let me in? Cheers mate!

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