Anyone here have experience with the system detailed in The Mind Illuminated? Looking to renew and advance my practice. Pros and cons?

@Flophouse_Sam I've been using it as a general meditation guide for several months now. I really enjoy it and find a lot of what Culadasa says cuts right to the heart of most issues with maintaining a practice. If Mindfulness In Plain English is Meditation 101 then The Mind Illuminated is level 300-400. IMO of course, but I highly recommend checking it out.

@anatta Thanks Aaron. That's great to hear. Does it map a linear trajectory between the stages or is there some room to explore tangents?

@Flophouse_Sam It's definitely more of a technical step-by-step manual with measurable goals to meet before moving on between stages. In that sense, you'll want to focus on the chapters that pertain to the stage you are currently at.

@anatta Gotcha. Thought as much. That's cool though. I need a more disciplined approach tbf. So far, it's been self directed exploration w/out proper tuition based on a few primary sources. Looking forward to trying it out. Thanks for the info.

@Flophouse_Sam I am not familiar with that system. You might be interested in Michael W. Taft’s interviews with Culadasa on his Deconstructing Yourself podcast.


@BhikkhuBeckett @anatta Thanks Bhikkhu! I'm a regular D.Y. listener but I get a bit mixed up about what I've heard /what practices can be attributed to whom (hence my questions!). I'll definitely revisit this. Thanks for the link.

@Flophouse_Sam @BhikkhuBeckett ugh, yeah that is not a good look. I find it best to dedicate myself to teachings over the personalities themselves. I remember how disappointed I was with how Noah Levine handled his controversy. We as a community have to stop elevating normal people to this higher unrealistic standard of spiritually, morality, etc. It just hurts us more when we are reminded they are still human and suffer from human failings.

@anatta @Flophouse_Sam Ugh. There’s a much needed upheaval in the Dharma community around leadership & teacher conduct. Seems like there are also rumblings in the sangha to democratize teaching & “lineage”.

@BhikkhuBeckett @anatta Sounds positive. Guru Culture is a problem. Out of interest: Does his system contain metta practice? Does he talk about love or compassion? Or is it all focus, technique and phenomenology? I'll be getting the book at the end of the month anyway. I'm sure it has value when considered in conjunction with the other precepts (right view, intention and action). I guess geeking out about stream entry can only take you so far! :-)

@BhikkhuBeckett @anatta Apologies Bhikkhu. You're not familiar with his system. Maybe anatta can answer that...

@Flophouse_Sam @BhikkhuBeckett Metta is mentioned in a roundabout way several times but it is not a focus of the overall text. It is my understanding that there are better, more authoritative texts on that subject.

@anatta @Flophouse_Sam Formation of the SF Dharma Collective in the wake of Levine’s downfall is an example of both.

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