Me: Sees this pinned up at the bus stop.

My Brain: "Well that's pointless, it will be way too late by March"

My friend lost his passport and got stranded in Hamburg on his stag weekend. Having been abandoned by his stag party and casually mistreated by local police, he trudged through sideways rain to spend the night in a shabby hotel and finally returned, with a thousand yard stare, the next day. When he got back, his fiancee had bought him this to cheer him up... I approve of this wedding.

Also good to know we privacy advocates are in good company and that he shares my/our logic about the personal ethics of contributing to the surveillance society. Can't wait for the new film to drop. Roll on October 11th!

Reading an interview with Chris Morris in yesterday's Grauniad. Still my hero. "Resist full sentimentality. Set fire to the screen!"

Fixed it! (You're welcome) Ciao for now, Italy. 🇮🇹 It's been a blast. Xxx

Received 'The Philanderer's Guide To Meditation' for my birthday. Excited to get started. 😉


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