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eugen when he sees people on h3re start a lobbying campaign to add a "shitting" button that enables you to "shit" on select profiles

don't tell jose but ms. marvel activates her powers by shouting embiggen

im a little cia plant 🌱 please water me πŸ€—

my haters are so low energy i need to dunk on myself from my alts to feel anything

can you fucks be normal for just 8 hours god what's it take for a girl to get some sleep

raise ur hand if you are a CIA plant on masted don dot social

there should be a mascot for mastodon dot social

computadora, enseΓ±ame fotos de Thanos el Rompeanos

if you delete your account and never make another sound i will actually never think of you again unless i am reminded by someone else. that's a james cheese guarantee

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if i cant see your account you stop existing to me

obviously moderation policies have changed a lot but i got told i'd be suspended if i "did it again" in 2017 when i warned people that laurelai bailey made an account there, lol.

that spiderman meme of the two spidermen pointing at each other but its labeled Flowless

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