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If you're a grocery store owner and dream of ways and means to improve your daily profits, but are disheartened when you see online grocery stores like BigBasket swallowing a huge market share. Now you have the chance to rub shoulders on the BigBasket boards-the BigBasket Clone App with the big stores with your very own mobile app store.

it would be trivial to block the 3000 bots posting different small business screeds with the exact same link at the bottom but oigen has been a bitch to me

At James Latimer's Law Offices, we are focused on helping you with your compensation claim. We have been fighting for the rights of accident victims and their families for more than 20 years. Our firm endeavors to provide workers with the fair treatment they are entitled to by law.

Hace bastantes años, una jovencita de mi familia, vino a casa para enseñarme un calendario con imagen suya y de sus amigas vestidas con traje de fiesta

Muy bonito, y así se lo dije -pensé en un recuerdo personal-

Descubrí tiempo después que los calendarios se convirtieron en algo codiciado

La chica no dijo nada en el momento, pero lleva unos veinte años poniendo en mi contra a casi toda la familia, mostrando un gran desprecio hacia mí por la ofensa que le hice

Presume de divina

downloading tips for entrepreneurs on mastodon dot social

absolutely terrible, there's a penis here, this sucks and is bad simply don't open it

my dms still has that one guy who dmed me links to where i could download feet pics in reply to my shitpost

@Flowless ,since the military altered my genetics with poisons in our water supply....probably not.

they should get the pervy phantom back on here

*makes loud Great Jaggi noises when you try to talk until you leave*

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