time for some daily affirmations. feel free to recite these and get your day right

Gonna have a normal one

No one is gonna be weird at me

Not gonna cum

holy shit i just saw a witches.live post in the wild on the federal timeline :michaelwazowski:

Hey @oneplus@twitter.com could you please keep your software downloads up to date for the

i forgot there was a my little pony themed instance until i opened the federal timeline

Just wait and see who will be the first to say rebuild in next three months.

im seeing a lot of hashtag posts about Afghanistan on the web. Must be manufacturing consent hours

mastodon dot social timeline is unhinged as fuck rn lmao fuck that shit in out

oh right when you walk your dog on a leash it's good and normal but when my girlfriend does it it's 'what will we tell the children'. hypocrite

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