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Nachdem mich ein lieber Mensch darauf gebracht hat, einmal das anlässlich der dritten Option neu gefasste Personenstandsgesetz (PStG) genauer zu lesen, komme ich gerade aus dem Glücksen nicht heraus. Vielleicht war der Gesetzgeber da ungewollt progressiv, oder anwesende konservative Kräfte haben sich schlicht übertölpeln lassen; jedenfalls könnte die PStG-Änderung das TSG faktisch überflüssig gemacht haben, und das wäre halt einfach mal sehr, sehr gut. (1/3)


"Die Initiative Urheberrecht sollte zur Kenntnis nehmen, dass in einer freiheitlichen Demokratie aus dem Umstand, dass jemand eine andere Auffassung vertritt und Rechtsvorschriften unter einem anderen Fokus betrachtet, nicht automatisch geschlussfolgert werden kann, dass er sich nicht mit den Gesetzestexten und Fakten beschäftigt hat. Vielmehr sollte man andere Positionen nutzen, um seine eigene Auffassung kritisch zu hinterfragen." Maybe apply cold water to that burn.

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Doing that without the person consent is FUCKING creepy. Facebook does that, creating accounts for you, and it's not okay. IT just happened to a friend of mine and it's not fun to discover that someone is mirroring all you tweets and your avatar. ASK PERMISSION first, CONSENT, you know.

Nach diesem DarkNet-Entwurf warte ich auf die nächste Key-Escrow-Debatte, denn letztlich ist ja alle verschlüsselte Kommunikation für Strafverfolger erstmal "dark". Also müssten sie allgemein verschlüsselte Plattformen verbieten, es könnte ja wer dort illegalen Handel treiben. Ich bin alt genug, um mich daran zu erinnern, dass staatliche Nachschlüssel als Allheilmittel für diesen Widerspruch gepriesen wurden. Das ist alles nicht "neu".

Ich bin alt und müde.

Hm. As my piano rests on wheel-thingies because reasons, I probably need a very shallow foot rest. 25-30mm, a book actually works quite well. But I guess I'll have to come up with something a little bit more durable. Maybe I'll just try and find a bit of (ideally coated or polished) wood at the hardware store and get it cut to size.

A lot of this can be found in the book itself of course. Tolkien was English, and he was very much influenced by English colonialism. The book is about 60 years old now, parts of it are a lot older. But a movie in 2001 giving this aspect of all things a faithful visualisation is quite telling. I mean, come on. They changed or disregarded so much of the text in the adaptation, and rightly so, but these bits they didn't touch at all and kept them in pretty much literally. Huh.

If you want to gauge just how white those movies are, just count how many of the main actors have blue, grey or green eyes. I'd say 80% is a low bet. The orcs having predominantly dark skin (a few are pale, but those look more like zombies with albinism) doesn't help. Or the fact that as stand-in for humans on Sauron's side we mainly get to see the Haradrim (lit. "Southerners") who look suspiciously middle-eastern or north-African. Optically it's heroic Caucasians vs. evil dark-skinned people.

Okay, confession: I love the Lord of the Rings movies. They do something that's actually not easy to do, i.e. they capture the tone of the book by not clinging too closely to it. And since that book has been a part of geek unicorn's life for 3 decades now, it's a feel-good thing to read LotR, or listen to the audio books or watch the movies.

But woah, are those movies white. I mean, _really_ white. "Tilda Swinton fighting a Yeti in a snow storm" white, as John Oliver would put it.

Of course "the internet" being 30 years old is ridiculous and a sign of people knowing neither technology nor history. Also of course "the internet" in the minds of (too) many people just turned 15 this February in any case. 🤔

By the IPU, I almost forgot how campy The Fifth Element is. It's total nonsense, but it's pretty and colorful. The film was apparently even re-released for its 20th anniversary, which is something I missed unfortunately. But I actually found my old DVD tonight. Didn't even know that was still there on the shelf. PAL of course, so it's 5 minutes 'shorter', i.e. faster than the BD (aaand there even was the sales receipt still in the box; that DVD is actually older than the Euro 🤔).

I think this coercive note is one of the reasons especially middle-aged white men like to talk about supposed brainwashing so much when it comes to progressive activism.

I also don't have an answer, as some behaviours absolutely must be changed. But it doesn't hurt to be aware of the psychology at play there: people _hate_ being coerced, especially members of a dominant group. That's why right-wing populism works so well: it appeals to fear of the unknown _and_ anger about feeling powerless.

There's a German word that's missing in English: 'Erziehung'. It's a mixture of education, upbringing, training, but with a strong coercive implication. It's usually used in conjunction with child care. Its root is 'ziehen', zu pull, which funnily enough is also the root of education (educare is a variant of educere, meaning to pull something forth).

Why am I talking about this? Activism is a form of Erziehung, yet it's dangerous if it actually comes across as coercive. People hate coercion.

So. Hausarbeit. Ich glaube, danach gucke ich Milla Jovovich und einem übel blondierten Bruce Willis zu, wie sie den Weltraum in die Luft jagen, äh retten.

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