Don't laugh. Probably the entire moldavian budget went to this.

Just watched its allways sunny I'm Philadelphia when they sing nightman. This feels just like the same shit.

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This is great, although I do wonder if they're about to be sued by the Austin Powers costume department. Also, do their mums know they're out playing music when they should be at home doing homework, surely it's a school day tomorrow? 😆
#SVN #eurovision #esc

shows that the 70's never died. It just slumbered. Cold War and everything.

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is serving us some good old vibes. It won't go far. But I like her.

ok. It's like the 90s anti dryg cool kids coming to your school. Saving drogs are bad.. and veggies are good

oh my God the dancers. The ethnicmess. The unability to hit The notes.. it's truly eurovision


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