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The Scandinavian goddess Skađi means (Shadow), is known as the Norse snowshoe goddess, A Giant, famous for the rescue of lost and cold winter travellers. She was known to be very athletic and would ski among the mountain peaks. Totems are wolves & snakes.

Art credited to b2dermawan/Deviantart

The Valkyries in Norse mythology are female divine shield-maidens, they are known for their incredible strength and power. Valkyries means choosers of the slain. They had reign over the mortal world, by transporting the dead brave warriors to Valhalla Odin’s hall and the other half are transported to Freyja’s hall Fólkvangr.

Art: The Ride of the Valkyries (1890) by William T. Maud at Wikimedia Commons

The Scandinavian goddess Skađi means (Shadow), is known as the Norse snowshoe goddess, A Giant, famous for the rescue of lost and cold winter travellers. She was known to be very athletic and would ski among the mountain peaks. Totems are wolves & snakes.

Art credited to b2dermawan/Deviantart

Cernnunos, is a nature and fertility god, of the Celts.The Druids called Cernunnos “Hu Gadarn”the 'horned god,' best known for wild things of nature.who rules over plants, trees, fertility and Wild Animals He is a leaf-covered Green Man, Ancient Guardian of the Green World. .Our prehistoric ancestors knew him as a shape-shifting, shamanic god of the Hunt, who works with the divine feminine, mother nature.

Art on Pinterest
unknown artist

Terpsichore was one of 9 Muses, goddesses of the arts in Greek myths. portrayed their Greek myths.

Terpsichore’s was known for dance and song,which are reflected in the word terpsichorean linking things related to dance.

Dance and song were crafted to nourish the soul.

Art by thermalknight/ Deviant Art of Terpsichore.

#work lore: Irish Leprechauns may serve as cobblers to fairies. They pack with them a hammer & shoes.Folks,can hear the noise of them hammering nails into the soles of shoes. Irish folklore, claims fairies dance so much they're in constant need of new shoes.
Art by Holly Black

Men may work from sun to sun,
But women's work is never done.
~ Old Work Saying

Women mechanics work on a U.S. Army Air Forces airplane. (National Archives photo)


The Mayans considered the Hummingbird as a sacred bird. The Hummingbird’s feathers were not just beautiful to them, they held special powers.

Mayans believed that Hummingbirds could travel between humans sending messages through thoughts from the living to the dead and from the dead to living.

Hummingbirds were Harbingers of good fortune so if one hovered near you they could transform your bad luck to good luck.

image of Quetzalcoatl with Hummingbird (Wikipedia)

In Maya legends a Vampire bat deity, Camazotz means' death bat.' roosted in a cave called “the house of bats” in Popol Vuh. Camazotz decapitated the Maya hero Hunahpu. Camazotz is also one of the 4 animal demons known for eliminating people in age of 1st sun.
image by Gwendal Uguen on Flickr


This cherished Fairy Tale Puss in Boots, humble origins began from a fable written by Giovanni Straparola (1480-1557)

Later it was rewritten by numerous authors in their country’s native language, such as Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm.

Puss n Boots version below is by Charles Perrault (1628-1703)

Art by Puss n Boots by édition L. Curmer (1843)

Kisa the Cat is an Icelandic fairy tale, it was collected in Neuisländischen Volksmärchen. Later it was translated and published by Andrew Lang in The Brown Fairy Book in 1904.

Below Arthur Rackham’s illustration of Kisa the Cat in Public Domain

Tazelwurm was First reported in 1779. in the European Alps. Tatzelwurm was also named Alps Dragon, described as a large cryptid Salamander/snake like creature with scales,stubby front legs, and a feline face. It has a venomous bite and breath lethal to people.

image in public domain

In ancient Celtic Cat lore the Grimalkin, was a grey fairy cat with magical powers. French astrologer Nostradamus named his cat Grimalkin.
In William Shakespeare's 1606 play 'Macbeth,' A cat familiar named Grimalkin is mentioned in Act 1 Scene 1.
image of MacBeth play in public domain


The Witch Bird in Lapland’s Folklore may appear as a regular white bird, yet they are part spirit and originated from the underworld.

In Lapland, and specifically witches in Lapland, had their own special witchbird “saiwo loddeh”.

Saiwo-olmah lived like the Irish Sidhe folk. A person was considered fortunate if they befriended or if they traded with them. Their magical familiars were passed down through families as inheritances.

photo: Wikipedia

Freyja's two cats, 'Bygul and Trjegul', pull her chariot around Asgard and the nine worlds. They also accompany Freyja, when she is busy ruling over half of the dead warriors in Fólkvangr from her hall Sessrúmnir.
Bygul and Trjegul were gifted to her from Thor.


‘Naglfar’ is an Ancient Norse Viking ship built from the dead Viking’s toes and fingernails.
Yes, the Norse people trimmed the toe nails and finger nails of the dead Vikings and they built the Viking ship ‘Naglfar’ with them.


Rumpelstiltskin is a German folktale by the Brothers Grimm 1812 edition of Children’s and Household Tales.

(where he is known as Rumpelstilzchen in German).

According to researchers at Durham University and the Universidade Nova de Lisboa the story first originated 4000 years ago.
Read the tale here

Art by Arthur Rackham

Rapunzel is a German fairy tale recorded by the Brothers Grimm and published in 1812 as part of Children's and Household Tales.
The tale features A locked-down, Rapunzel with very, long hair, an over protective witch and a enamored, prince.
A tangled mess indeed!
Art by Arthur Rackham

Maneki-neko is a Japanese talisman It is also named Beckoning Cat. The Chinese Merchants call it ‘Lucky Cat’ It is a figurine or clock that brings good luck into its owner’s business or home.
It's raised paw attracts good fortune the held paw keeps it there.
Wiki-Commons, photo

A four-leaf clover has always been a sign of good luck in Irish folklore. According to legend, the four-leaf clover represents faith, hope, love, and luck to the finder. It was known to grant the power to see fairies.

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