TIL that in canon Pecos Bill's wife Slue-Foot Sue is thrown from his horse on their wedding day and bounces around the countryside in a steel-spring bustle for three days until Bill is forced to shoot her so she doesn't starve to death.


are the Crystal


and we're rollin' out to find America's best Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

I'm researching Satanic Panic and the 1980s hysteria over "Satanic Ritual Abuse" and if you have book/film/etc recommendations, please post them here!

Thank youuuuuuu Here's a pic of my dog

It's a common mistake to make but the correct spelling is masturdon

if we have to live in a cyberpunk dystopia we might as well dress like it

tips for new and returning folks, cw etiquette 

There are a few things it's become standard to CW that you might not think to CW at first blush:

Food - some folks struggle with eating-disorder-like behavior, and pictures of your tasty lunch or discussion of food in general can be harmful or painful.
Politics (often 'pol') - many people left other places to take a break from political discussion, which is otherwise unavoidable, and can be saddening or angering.


Mastodon is turning out to be what I always imagined foam parties to be, half-naked strangers bumping blindly into one another and being like, "Hey"

I love how the skills we learned padding 100 words into a 500 word essay in high school are now getting us monetized on YouTube

the three types of mastadon users

(and yes, everyone of them looks *exactly* like this)

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