It's official, I've been using for a bit over a month now and am abandoning the previous note-y and todo-y things I previously used like evernote, keep, and todoist . Finding it incredibly useful, even though it's still beta and a bit rough around the edges

Excellent morning for today. Beat my PB by nearly 10%!

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Fuck, I just found "Open as" in #Tusky to open a toot in another account.

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For years I've been trying different note taking, journaling, and to-do apps and things like that. Never really found the one true answer but have gained a lot of experience in trying to find approaches that work for me.

Recently started playing with and its amazing the way it plugs togther bi-directional links between everything you write. Its got a few rough edges and the learning curve is a little steep, but its an absolute revelation once you get started. A+ recommended

Some good commentary on how/why scuttlebutt and planetary differ from mastodon & fediverse and from existing centralised networks like FB & birdsite etc

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Anyone here know much about scuttlebutt protocol and Involvement from a Twitter founder makes this seem interesting right off the bat, but I don't know anything about the platform...

More - my Doggo absolutely steals the show in the final scene of this ABC clip. I guess I'm no longer drinking the Parkrun kool-aide, I'm now officially spruiking it.

Watch "Inside the Park Run phenomenon taking over Saturdays | News Breakfast" on YouTube

*again* this morning, with a bumper turnout of about 700 people - no doubt a lot of new year resolutions among them! Really enjoying the combination of fun-run style spirit but with a very casual and laid back vibe, plus the fact that it attracts runners of all capabilities - youngsters, oldsters, pram pushers, dog walkers, runners, joggers, walkers. Nice way to start a Saturday

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Someone I know was given an Ancestry DNA collection kit as a Xmas gift, and asked my views on using it. Aside from HELL NO, we had an interesting talk about what could go wrong. Interested to hear anyone's worst case scenarios on this kind of thing.

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3,700,128 accounts
+577 in the last hour
+11,665 in the last day
+22,874 in the last week

The blurb says he's from Gipsy Point, in the middle of some of the worst bushfires currently raging near the Vic NSW border. In his book he has quite a bit to say about how ancient fire management in Aus disapeared under white fences and farming practices.

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Just finished some excellent holiday reading from Bruce Pascoe - recontextualises settler accounts from Australian colonisation to put forward a very different take on Aboriginal agriculture, economy, society and governance. Amazing work, thoroughly recommended.

My culinary landscape has imploded - I just discovered that Heinz has owned Watties for years

Moar ! Doggo knows the Saturday morning routine now, he's all excited in the morning before we go

Another . This is definitely becoming a theme for Saturday mornings 🏃🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

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