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No Twitter ❌ The world has progressed past the need for Twitter

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'Go to bed, you'll feel better in the morning' is the human version of 'Did you turn it off and turn it back on again?'

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Text files are the cockroaches of the modern information ecosystem.

They might not look pretty and they scare kids, but they are SUPER well adapted and functional and they'll survive almost anything short of total hard disk failure.

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oh also, re: alt text
it's a lesser known accessibility booster, but if you write your tags #LikeThis instead of #likethis then the screen reader software that visually impaired users use can recognize where word boundaries are and won't say "likethis" as one jumbled word but will instead say "like this"

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not a single time has a “hey, fuck you, you’re using one of those adblockers” interstitial tried the approach of saying “we ensure our ads are unobtrusive, lightweight & malware-free, so please consider not blocking our ads,” an approach which might actually get me to consider it

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I was never on twitter.

No really

I was never, ever on twitter


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I got toots, they're multiplyin'
And I'm losing control
Cos the boosts you're supplyin'
It's electrifying!

Big garden party tomorrow

South coast of UK

It's going to be pissin' with rain
& we'll all be standing under the gazebo lookin' out at the bbq which has gone out because of the rain.

Found in the garden this morning;

Magpies have stolen the top off my water feature.

A cat has shat on the garden wall where I usually put my hand.

Foxes have smashed a hole in the fence and made off with my dog's toy duck.

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@ColinTheMathmo like microblogging allowed us to capture and share small thoughts, we need I think 'microbrowsing' tools... to let us annotate, pages and links between pages with minimal metadata, as easy and fast as possible, to grab the thought about the thought while it's still in our heads.

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One thing I'd like would be:

when I right-click, open new tab... at that point, I'd like the browser to be aware that I'm spinning off a new thread of exploration, and somehow save that thread next to the page I just jumped FROM

and other places of course.

I guess the act of clicking - but especially right-clicking, as it's more conscious - would be 'constructing a Linkbase' in pre-Web hypertext jargon.

where the Link is: Time, From, To

where From isn't JUST URL, but 'view of URL'.

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To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-8 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.

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How many toots would a toot boost toot if a toot boost could boost toots?

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This message is for newbies 

Whilst you dust off & set up a new home here in the Fediverse
connect like a real human.

We do things different here. We're not controlled by bullshit corporate algorithms. Boosts matter. Hashtags matter. There are THOUSANDS of instances so messages take a while to filter through.

Start by checking out new folks on #introductions. Write one yourself with those random things you love: HASHTAGGED. We'll amplify you & help you get discovered!

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Google knows your search history and emails.

Amazon knows your purchases and runs your secret VMs.

Facebook knows your relationship status.

Apple just knows.

Pinterest and Etsy? Do NOT mess with them. They specialise in sigils and 'material components'.

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1. see something nice when going about your day
2. write about it
3. revel in the fact that we are all just people
4. give emotional support and validation to others who write about that nice thing they saw today

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