Moving to as my primary account. Just want to try out a more local instance.

@Fraying no offense intended to the Tootdon peeps, of course. Sorry. Can’t help my designer pickiness. I know how much work this is.

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@Fraying “of blogger,” I meant. I’m a better designer than spell checker. Probably.

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Just putting this out there: if any mastodon devs are looking for design help and would like a hand from the original designer if, who recently redesigned the Wordpress Reader, and wrote an early book on the design of community spaces online, let me know because I can put you in touch with him.

Because he’s me. Hi. Let’s talk.

Fighting the urge to design my own Mastdon app because Tootdon’s got some issues.

Any hope I had of Twitter getting better just evaporated. This is not a portrait of a company that's going to fix the problem. This is a company that has no idea what the problem is.

“It’s time for these guys to admit that they’re not presidents, their sites are not countries, and we are not their citizens. They are caretakers of communities and they’d better start acting like it or they won’t have anyone to rule anymore.”


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