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@Deepsealioness big thank you to you,
To @sanjayuvacha to @naukarshah to @KavitaKrishnan and all other for making this happen
From News channels to Twitter
From Twitter to Mastodon
Thank you for all the followings and boost
Time will come to hit the street very soon
From Mastodon to Winning elections against BJP and fighting the Hydra is pending now

Bangladesh PM arrives in city to attend Day/Night Test match

Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) president Sourav Ganguly received Ms. Hasina at the airport.

Many want political parties to come together like they switch jobs. Whoever bids highest, join them


BJP Received Donation From Company Being Probed for 'Terror Funding'

Why you should you discriminate donations when you have a pious goal of nation building 🤣

Exclusive by



DHFL owes banks over Rs.90,000 crore & is bankrupt. It is also being investigated for links with Dawood aide Iqbal Mirchi. As a special case it should be revealed whether it gave funds via electoral bonds. Transparency please!


The BJP gets terror-funding. Read that again. And again. Iqbal Mirchi. Got it? Terror funding. BJP:


भीख मांग कर खाएंगे पर कमल का बटन दबाएंगे😂😂😂
ठीक है?



That any Govt. could slam the draconian "sedition" law on 10,000 Adivasis, fighting against state oppression, should have shocked the conscience of our nation & raised a media storm.

But it hasn’t.

Our “sold out”media may have lost its voice; as citizens can we afford to?


The Paresh Rawals and Tavleen Singhs seem to be furious that some students are protesting against a Muslim professor teaching Sanskrit. Apparently, they are confused where this "idiocy" is coming from.

If only they looked in the mirrors more often!

Hey fediverse, I can use everyone's help today to cheer up a lovely lady who is new to the fediverse.


It is her 21st birthday and sadly her family is gone so she is rather sad she cant celebrate.


Her handle is @esperera_98

I thought it would be sweet if everyone took a little time out to wish her a happy birthday and maybe attach a meme or something fun that might be special to her and make her smile. I tried to get some of her interests yesterday so we can use it to help pick memes or quotes or whatever that might help cheer her up

Here is what she said when I tried to ask her about that:

well mmm, I love the sea more than anything hahaha I always say I wish I could live there 😂. I adore dogs and cats and I like so much daisy flowers 🌼 and sunflowers 🌻


So blast her time line away with love, and pictures of daisies and dogs, and cats and the sea. Lets make her smile!

#help #birthday

Digital art by Chad knight known for his often near-reality effects.


Mughals intended to destroy Tripura’s cultural wonders by bombing them, claims Biplab Kumar Deb via and our Biplab is back. No wonder the Bjp hates education & JNU


@Memeghnad I was someone who was an avid news reader and someone who had 100s of google alerts set up to follow news . However , in the last couple of years I’ve stopped consuming news daily because it makes me angry and sad , more angry than sad . So for peace of mind and mental health , I’ve chosen to not follow news channels . I live in my bubble with a few trusted sites

@Memeghnad Between June 26 1975 to 21st March 1977, was a dictator. During the other periods of her Prime Ministership, her democratic instinct prevailed over her tendency to command


Yesterday the first of the #PaisaPolitics series showed how the government steamrolled the #RBI to create #ElectoralBonds.

Today, Part 2 shows how it steamrolled the #ElectionCommission, then lied and obfuscated about it in Parliament.

Great job, and


Iron Lady, former prime minister of India, donating her jewellery to National Defence Fund during India-China War in 1962. 

Hong Kong's High Court rules that the mask ban introduced by the government under emergency powers is unconstitutional.

Govts share in total deposits with commercial banks declined sharply from 15.79 lakh crore as of Mar 2018 to Rs 11.86 lakh crore in Mar 2019,while share of corporates (non-financial) rose sharply by Rs 6.5 lakh crore

👉Muted investment sentiment will further increase this diff😟

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