Good evening. The weather was too nice to stay home today.

I hiked up to 2000 meters, and it was quite cold.

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I was concerned about the chromatic aberration in my photos, so I tried a tool made by the camera manufacturer.

I cropped the area around the top of the mountain on the left.
1st: before processing, 2nd: after processing. The color fringes have disappeared.

@Freezer But you haven't caught a cold because you are a Freezer!

@grassman The members of the football team I belong to usually call me "Freezer". It's not his name in Dragon Ball. The name of my friend who invited me to join that team was "Fridge".

@Freezer Yes. It also modified a lot the light/contrast levels though. The aberration is produced by the lens or the sensor?

@tagomago I think the lens produced this aberration.
The lens I'm using is cost-effective, but it's not high performance.

@Freezer Luckily you have the software. Maybe you could tinker with it a bit more to avoid losing that much information, like here:

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