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The first weekend after the state of emergency was declared over. I hiked Mt. Tokushunbetsu and Mt. Horohoro.

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Here are a bunch of standalone images all related to the comic I'm working on (though the main part's stalled at the moment).

I also have a 12 page illustrated story finished and a 8-page mini-comic I'm currently drawing!

I cropped the area around the top of the mountain on the left.
1st: before processing, 2nd: after processing. The color fringes have disappeared.

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I was concerned about the chromatic aberration in my photos, so I tried a tool made by the camera manufacturer.

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*ID* –> “Crow”
A pretty friendly scarecrow.
this is for

May your week be good Mastodon ! :)

- #mastoart #art #illustration #illustrationday -
:: Better res on website ::

Good evening. The weather was too nice to stay home today.

I hiked up to 2000 meters, and it was quite cold.

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Great Blue Herons, Shelby Township, Michigan, 6/1/2021

My Dad and I visited a Great Blue Heron Rookery, which is where the birds nest in a big colony. We counted 16 herons. They all looked about ready to leave the nest.

#bird #birding #nature #photo


It's raining on the weekend for the seventh week in a row. And a state of emergency has been declared, so I'm trying not to go out. A relative died of COVIC-19 this week.

Please take care of yourself.

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Just gave all 5 cats and kittens their vaccine shots, including the still skittish Tillie cat and this doofus got his booster. Tag teamed them💪 because it had to be done so they don’t catch parvovirus

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I saw an indigo bunting in my yard this morning and it made my brain freeze up for a second because they're so fucking BLUE

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