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Ridin' with Sniffy Joe Pinokinose Biden -
in the rear seat of a car.

Sniffy Joe Pinokinose Biden, the head of Joe Biden (facsimilie), wearing cheap aviator sunglasses. The head is made from a box and a long nose made with a 12" cardboard roll.

Urge you to make one of your own. We will have a nation-wide "Crush Joe" event. Date TBD.

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Drove until I found a place with nothing to cause a reflection in the background, except sky on an overcast day (NYD). Managed to remove the glare of the sky only to have a clear view of a white picket fence.
Fits bc Sniffy Joe Biden believes y'll live in a house w/a picket fence and can get a 2nd mtg on yr house to tide you over the pandemic.

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Joe Biden 

I'm not happy I was right about joe biden being a useless piece of shit.

I'm just disappointed.

I would have rather been wrong.

default browser? Instant delete, removed all traces. What a mess that thing is. It's kind of like the Joe Biden of browsers.
Same for thunderbird - I was never going to use that.

RT I mean, she is a cop who locked up poor mothers and laughed about it.

Great job the media did in rebranding a cold-hearted loser who couldn't even win her own state and a war criminal rapist who is now our newest dictator-in-chief. 👏 Well done.


Sent this to Bernie Sanders this week. If the post office was running properly, he would have received it yesterday or today at the latest.
Front side was the image pinned at top of profile.


Hey Joe and Kamala:

You don’t get to pretend you care about income inequality in America when you blame the parliamentarian, the filibuster, Manchin, Sinema, or the GOP.

We elected Dem majorities in the House and Senate bc we expected you to .

Resign if you won’t.


RT I won't vote in 2024 general election if Trump, Biden or Harris are on ballot.

FYI - I won't vote for a third party either.


I remember after trump was in office some people said "why not give him a chance?" And you saw what happened. When Biden was elected I thought we should preemptively prepare to impeach because he is and always was a liar and cheat.

Listen to K.Harris talk w/Bernie on $15min-wage. I thought "Watch how she screws this up." Now it's done. Hear the dishonesty in her voice, December 2020:

I believe in science. I do not believe in western medicine; that's not science, that's incorporation. Vaccines are real, they come from science. Everyone should get one or two, but now I'm not sure I'm getting one because some places have made it extremely difficult, maybe impossible, to get.

The Biden administration has been a failure at every turn.

Every time they have an opportunity to act commensurate with the challenges we face, they refuse. They play at being concerned with words and vigils, but when it comes to policy they are not helping people. SHAME.

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Senate Parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough: We didn't ask you. STFU.


And if you are like “wtf is a Senate parliamentarian and why haven’t we heard about them before?” It’s because Democrats are using every procedural tool at their disposal to halt what little progress they’ve promised while trying to make it look like it’s not their fault.


This is vital legislation. Basic human rights. Make it law.


BREAKING: The House has voted 224-206 to pass the , which would protect LGBTQ people in areas including in housing, education, public accommodations and access to credit.



Bottom line from today's antitrust hearing:

Big tech has changed their strategy. They are now asking for regulation like interoperability because they are scared of breakups.

Interoperability without breakups is useless in addressing the power problem. Don't fall for it.



Not finished.

Wanna know what paid for law school?

"The records indicate that he had an $800 scholarship in law school against a tuition of $1,620 and that the residence adviser job paid $1,000."



The vaccines are wonderful, the variants unpredictable. The next few weeks and months will be a race between the two. Eventually the virus will lose.

But before it does, we may see a "fourth wave" this spring.



made the mistake of watching a 14 minute video on youtube and it broke for commercials three separate times.

Adblocker ate them of course, and I wonder are they just doing this to punish adblockers or has it really gotten that insane?

Cops and their supporters really do think that their job is to "stop bad guys." They have to think this for them to continue to do the shit they do, and it doesn't have to bear any resemblance to reality as we know it, or even to their thoughts, opinions, feelings, etc on any particular issue, they will continue to believe this. Consider that this is less mature than the opinions of a 5-year-old explaining Power Rangers, because at least Rita Repulsa actually had a redemption arc iirc.

covid vaccination 

One good thing about the state's website is that you can leave feedback w/o complicated sign-in crap. For weeks there have been complaints aboutthe website for vaccinations. Today I knew waht they were talking about. I left this:

To Governor X: You should be ashamed of yourself for subjecting people to this opportunistic operation for vaccines. It is disgusting.

Contract driver? ? Be aware you might not be covered. Discredit your vice-president Kamala Harris and family.

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