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Functionnal now - Medicare For All explainer section, for your friends:

Comments welcome.


I would not care if Biden offered to off himself in the first 100 days, I would Not vote for him. Unelectable.


U.S. Gov't should stop haggling over $600 uemployment and ubi and simplify - give everyone $2400.00 month and be done with it.

I haven't been watching Rising much recently, but I did see (the start) of the episode with Bret Weisnstein - as soon as I heard the name Andrew Yang, I skipped the sub-section. I did watch it on the unity2020 website - not impressed.

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No, I am not in favor of the Bret Weinstein / rubegoldberg platforrm. Nice complicated idea with no chance of doing anything. Half the voters don't even know what's going on as it is.

I took this survey. I've been saying that either a strong third party (with Bernie Sanders) or WRITE-IN Bernie Sanders was the only sensible option. I am now convinced that writing in Bernie is the only option that remains.

Link for survey:

The rest ofthe website will be up shortly. Thanks for understanding and patience.
-the coyotenews person behind the scenes

A reminder that this page, The Cohen Congressional Hearing, with 5 hours of audio and capsule descriptions of all 42 Representatives at that hearing, is still live:

Plus some further bg on Jordan:

And Trevor Noah on the subject of Jordan:

Jim Jordan, one of the worst of the republican reps.

No words for the contempt I have for the Obamas.

He ran on hope and change, then stacked his cabinet with Citibank officials, led us in more wars, bailed out Wall Street as people lost their homes, destroyed black wealth, and they call us selfish?

Seriously, fuck these people.

Your friendly reminder to remove the Google Amp junk from the URLs you share

blm rebellions 2020, uspol, wapol, seattle 

"Feds started abducting protesters and a wall of moms formed.

They gassed the moms, so dads brought leaf blowers.

They beat a Navy veteran who just wanted to speak with them, then a wall of vets came together.

They attacked volunteer medics, so nurses showed up in scrubs. "

There's no reforming this. It must be destroyed, and the earth it stood on salted.

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*Settle* for Biden? No. I think - well, it's going to be trump anyway, so why even think about it - but it will be better to vote progressives in Congress and Senate, And Risk Impeaching Trump For Good This Time.

Who do you think SCOTUS will give you when/if Trump has to challenge the vote? It's crazy. Biden will never be president.

"Today I learned" actually it was 2 days ago I learned that Hillary Clinton during her 2016 campaign and Eric Prince during congressional testimony both used the same consultant company. In other words just telling the truth wasn't good enough; they needed to scam with bullshit answers to get by.

Still looking for good static web dev environment. I can and do hand code web pages.

Was going to switch to Hugo (web pages) which I used before, but could not get the latest version on this computer, so that whole thing was a mess - deleted all of it and Go.

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