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Ridin' with Sniffy Joe Pinokinose Biden -
in the rear seat of a car.

Sniffy Joe Pinokinose Biden, the head of Joe Biden (facsimilie), wearing cheap aviator sunglasses. The head is made from a box and a long nose made with a 12" cardboard roll.

Urge you to make one of your own. We will have a nation-wide "Crush Joe" event. Date TBD.

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Drove until I found a place with nothing to cause a reflection in the background, except sky on an overcast day (NYD). Managed to remove the glare of the sky only to have a clear view of a white picket fence.
Fits bc Sniffy Joe Biden believes y'll live in a house w/a picket fence and can get a 2nd mtg on yr house to tide you over the pandemic.

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Congresswoman is sharing that is not only capable, she’s powerful. Dark money is coming into this race because they are “shook… they know all Nina Turner is capable of.”

The world will always know that Nina Turner is on the side of the people.



Good morning, Ohio ☀️
Election Day is only 2 weeks away!

We are knocking on doors and taking our message directly to voters. Get involved and help turn out the vote by joining us at


RT is ready to lead in Congress. deserves nothing less than a Congressperson with bold ideas who will fight hard for issues like Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and criminal justice reform.


an excerpt from
Home of the Brave
by Laurie Anderson -

still the people from the dream
still there people
from the dream people
she said what is History
and he said history is an Angel
being blown backwards into the Future
he said history is part of the Dream
and the angel wants to go back and fix things
to repair things that have been broken
but there’s a Storm blowing from paradise
and the storm keeps blowing the angel backwards into the future
and this storm, this storm is called Progress

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Happy Bastile Day
The revolution again, someday.

Haven't been here lately bc I'm working on something I put on hold during the Primaries & Election. Internet access sporadic for the time being. Updates to coyotenews will come.

Been on a vaccination list for almost 2 months. No appt. No vaccination. Giving up. Not getting it.


Publix donated $100,000 to Ron Desantis and got exclusive rights to distribute vaccines. This is pay for play corruption.


When posting links, everything from the question mark to the end is tracking code. It should be removed before posting or the link should be examined and removed before clicking on it.


If you are wondering why our government didn’t cancel mortgages or rent, this is why.

Making it easy for their donors to snatch up single family homes and literally manufacture a housing crisis for their short term profits


@omanreagan Thank you, Michael for series on - Once upon a time I worked at an institution for "Developmentally Disabled"; they ranged from single-digit IQ to "high-functioning". Some of them today would be called autistic. Many memories, among my most precious days. Could write a small book. These two were special to me. Have other pics but this is the only one where they are both in the same pic. Sharon and Jimmy.

It is a shame how things went for Medium but like Blogger and eventually, WordPress [or Substack ed.], these products will die and your data will die with it. This is why owning your data is so important and only using services that support data portability, open source and standards is always going to win on an infinite timescale.


oddly, he switched to wp.

Adam Chandler:
I don’t really care if Medium survives or doesn’t but let’s think of the writers here. I’m not talking about the major media blogs who hung up their CMS and identities and moved all-in to Medium for the convenience or desperation but let’s talk about the people my size who published to Medium. They took hours out of their week to publish on Medium and the site will die and take their stories with it.

Hey, it's Jimmy Cliff's birthday. Here's *Journey* from The Power and the Glory album.


I think we all know why Biden isn’t doing press conferences. It was completely noticeable that he has cognitive issues all through the primary & general election, but people acted outraged & offended if anyone mentioned it. Reminds me of the Reagan years.


Today is the 150th anniversary of the start of the Paris Commune. Here is a piece Crimethinc put together about the history and progression of the Commune, derived from the writings of Louise Michel.

Biden & Harris - sounds like a Crime Outfit.

Bonnie & Clyde
Bonnie & Klyde
Biden & KHarris

How long will we let them rob us,
lie and cheat us
with their swiss cheese policies?

Let us release ourselves from the trap.
Let us remove them from office by any legal method.

(to an old Bob Marley tune)

f-word, us pol 

"The White House is mounting an all-out push to sell President Biden's newly signed coronavirus relief bill to the public, starting with trips to multiple states in the coming week."

Dear Joe Biden: Stay the fuck home. You are an embarrassment.

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