Stopped behid this truck at a red light. No time to fiddle with the camera, this is a crop and some parts are hard to read, but this is just a sample; there's more trump inc 2024 banners and flags out there.

Haven't been here lately bc I'm working on something I put on hold during the Primaries & Election. Internet access sporadic for the time being. Updates to coyotenews will come.

@omanreagan Thank you, Michael for series on - Once upon a time I worked at an institution for "Developmentally Disabled"; they ranged from single-digit IQ to "high-functioning". Some of them today would be called autistic. Many memories, among my most precious days. Could write a small book. These two were special to me. Have other pics but this is the only one where they are both in the same pic. Sharon and Jimmy.

Hey, it's Jimmy Cliff's birthday. Here's *Journey* from The Power and the Glory album.

Sent this to Bernie Sanders this week. If the post office was running properly, he would have received it yesterday or today at the latest.
Front side was the image pinned at top of profile.

I remember after trump was in office some people said "why not give him a chance?" And you saw what happened. When Biden was elected I thought we should preemptively prepare to impeach because he is and always was a liar and cheat.

Listen to K.Harris talk w/Bernie on $15min-wage. I thought "Watch how she screws this up." Now it's done. Hear the dishonesty in her voice, December 2020:

Contract driver? ? Be aware you might not be covered. Discredit your vice-president Kamala Harris and family.

Covid Vaccination 

Curative website requires google services to be on, plus cross-domain scripts, and ads, ads, ads, (doubleclick, taboola, etc). Although location was already selected, google location services were required too. No appointment was made. "No location found."
Another opportunistic outsourcing operation.

"Without Love Where Would You Be Right Now?"
Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin'


Walking home with groceries one day I spotted a child of 11-12 making the Sphinx and Pyramids with snow. I returned with camera. Late afternoon sun had started to melt the sculpture, but you can still see what it is.

Biden's nominee for Secretary USDOT

A man who covered installed traffic lights and a child was killed right after.

Confirmed? Are you sure? Just a coin toss away from a NAY.

I'd Do It All Again by the original Sam "no relation" Harris.

I have info on this song, the album its from and another album by the same artist. I'll put in in a follow-up post.

Peace Justice Anarchy
Ryan Harvey/Riot Folk

with Bernie adapted cover art

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