Is this the last straw for some? Get the pens ready! to Write in Bernard Sanders on your ballot. Practice writing it out; the write-in space on the ballot is usually small.


Michelle Obama, Your husband was as bad a president as any have been or worse. Trump has a hard time deciding between ridiculing him and thanking him for the mess he left this country in.

Maybe this should say Stay Home. I can change it. But basically, Biden is not going to make it to the WH, even with T's falling poll . Trump is an idiot, but his handlers are not.

"Shaved 15 years off Net Zero" that's it?

* Biden War Room agreed only to "review" task force report.

Note to Joe Biden: Bernie Sanders was declared an honorary woman by Gloria Steinem.

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"BIDEN WAR ROOM" (what's in a name) seeks help from group that pranked trump's Tulsa rally.

via The Intercept (I don't do twt)
Biden has no fans of his own.

The swamp creatures. Let's replace Joe Biden with Bernie Sanders asap. Bernie is the fully functioning statesman who can slay this dragon creature.

Even if Joe Biden agreed to everything Camp Bernie asks for, I would not trust Joe Biden for one day as POTUS.

*once again* I am reminding you of the perils of not voting at this time and begging you to vote for progressives and replace the feeble Joe Biden with Bernie Sanders. No one should have to hold their nose to vote.

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I was before Tara Reade, still . I don't care if he agreed to everything in Bernie's platform, I would not vote for biden; I would not trust him to follow through with any of it. He is plainly dishonest through and through.

One question: if somehow Bernie wins enough delegates for the nomination, and wins the general, WILL HE ACCEPT HIS ELECTION?

"When the rats come out of their burrows, you'll know the plague has passed." - paraphrasing Albert Camus, The Plague
(if you have the exact wording, please reply; I don't have the book in fromt of me.)

Had a convo with one who asked a lot of "what if"s - 1 There will be riots, idk what kind or how severe, but riots if Bernie is not the nominee. 2 Perhaps something was said about options to use Tom Perez for target practice. 3 If Biden is potus, move to VT and (if necessary, force) VT secede from the union.

"The [biden] postponed events in Chicago, scheduled for this Friday, included a glitzy brunch hosted by billionaire former Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, Chicago Cubs co-owner Laura Ricketts, and John Atkinson and Becky Carroll, former Pete Buttigieg bundlers who recently backed Biden."

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