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There have been electrical outages for the last two days here.

Website under restructuring atm. Will take some time to get it all back, but and are functional. I was updating Representatives when the server updated something and broke the site.

you weren't taught how to do your taxes in school because there is a powerful lobby of companies in this country such as Turbotax that are dedicated to keeping taxes as complicated and inaccessible as possible. Not only is this information kept as byzantine as possible, navigation of that byzantine network is purposely kept behind yet another paywall.

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What choice will remain? We -those who do not want either - will be forced to Write-In Bernie Sanders and unless this becomes a strong movement, Trump is the default. It appears to be simply rigged that way.

Maybe this should say Stay Home. I can change it. But basically, Biden is not going to make it to the WH, even with T's falling poll . Trump is an idiot, but his handlers are not.

22nd and Benjamin Franklin camp in Philly. Still asking people to come down and pitch in. Plan is to build out some structures this week and make it harder to evict.

Let's be safe and shut down Twitter until at least after the election.

I think we can give up on Medicare For All, Senate Bill #1129. If Sanders were president in 2021 and it passed in Q1, first group enrolled would happen in mid-2022. Maybe that is good enough for genXers and children. Millennials and zoomers will wait their turn. I do not have health ins. and feel I do not need it, but I do need a couple of things Medicare For All would provide and cannot afford them rn. Is gofundme the solution to our health care, a replacement for ?

@EagleEyes, Let's make sure we are referring to the same thing re Medicare For All. At the bottom of this article is the full S. Bill 1129 PDF. Maybe you have read it, but if not, have a look. As it is, MFA starts, if passed, *One Year* after it is passed - assuming this period is for ramping up the bureaucratic machinery to required to implement.

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