Sysadmins, what automation system/configuration management system do you prefer?

@Fritange that's the one I almost chose instead of "others", but I'm pretty sure others will appear too 😉

@carlchenet I have to say it is quite annoying to find most of the ready to deploy stacks with ansible playbooks instead, although I know that it is easier.

@Fritange I must confess I never encountered SaltStack. I find Ansible quite easy to use, but I'll give a try to SaltStack if the occasion occurs


@carlchenet IMHO, the great advantage of is the event bus by using the fast queueing message bus .

You can trigger systems with reactors and orchestrators allowing complex processing deployment systems.

It is also more scalable and faster using the salt agent than standard multiple ssh connections.
However, the agent is also a weakness, by adding another way to hack a machine with an additionnal open port and service.

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