Small steps to untangle from big tech services: I installed a server at home on a Raspberry Pi 4 with .
All typical services available, to gradually switch off some online accounts.

Today I learnt that the OSS social network software can bridge to Twitter. Any insights about how much interoperability is available. What works, what not? @yunohost
It feels like YunoHost is IPv4 centric, while the average home router is already in an IPv6 world, only.

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@norztech I understand the downsides of global search. For many it is an explicit design decision to not implement it.
Dunno what the best answer will be to have these emergent niche discussion that have only a small number of interested people, aside the obvious topics here, around FOSS, fediverse etc.

Hi @yunohost, I am trying to set up a RPi4.

Challenge: ISP provides only DS-lite connection. So no inbound IPv4.

A friendly IPv6 expert told my (not specific to YunoHost) that self-hosting on IPv6 only is possible.

Any experiences or documents for the route that drops IPv4 completely on a server?

Thanks for your great work!

I am trying to setup a server @home with a Raspberry Pi 4 and

It looks straight forward but the crappy internet infrastructure in Germany is a big hurdle: Hard to get an IP4 address, PCP as alternative seemingly ignored by the telco since 2013.

How did you solve this problem to get the RasPi accessible from outside? Not interested in VPS.
Business contract for internet (incl. IPv4) is one option. Anything else?

Please share/boost.

Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software

Am reading “The Light Ages” by Seb Falk.
Just learnt that in medieval times, before mechanical clocks were a common thing, each day was subdivided in 12 light and 12 dark hours. Over the year the length of hours varied. This goes back to Egyptian culture and lasted until 14th c.

Cryptographic Nature

by David Krakauer, 2015

„… various forms of regularized randomness, historically encrypt adaptive dynamics.“

Derek Muller's latest Veritasium video is simply amazing! In half an hour he accurately explains Cantor, Gödel, and Turing, with beautiful animations. All the more amazing given that his original background is physics


I just migrated my account from

Looking forward to my new neighbourhood.


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