Happy Birthday !

20y ago, the CIA help bootstrap a company that became an empire, turning profiling of online activities into a widespread practice and mass-surveillance into a "cool" business-model!

Here to the next 20 years of centralized control through genetics, transportation, energy, "smart city", robots and financial speculation:

The USSR could only dream of this level of surveillance LOL

@FuckOffGoogle The story in Medium is about one year old. Good investigative journalism. Here is the first version:
Mind you, the BBC was at the Highlands Forum, Disney, the New York Times and many others.

@KeaW @aral

It doesn't matter that it's a year old. It matters that people are educated about it. While in social media time a year is ancient, not long ago it would have been still considered relevant (and it is).

@redandgreen14 @aral @FuckOffGoogle
You are right. Maybe we should even post this more regularly, because of the seriousness. But shouldn't the investigative journalist get the credits?

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